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NIGP Instructors present the profession’s body of knowledge using an interactive, case study-based style, making the learning process immediately engaging and relevant.

One of the best ways to engage your chapter membership is by hosting NIGP courses right in your back yard. Choose from one-two- and three-day!  Class size is limited to ensure plenty of small group and individual activity.

One of the best ways to approach your chapter’s educational needs is to design a yearly training schedule. This can be done by surveying your members and planning a year out educational calendar.

10 Steps to Hosting a NIGP Course:

Step 1

Sign a NIGP Chapter Seminar Agreement

Please be sure to print a copy of the form for your records before you submit the form.

Step 2

Follow the instructions provided in the Resource Guide

Step 3

Survey your members to find out what their educational needs are. 

Step 4

Stay current with all of the NIGP Course Descriptions. 

Step 5

Pro-D's & Seminar Coordinators - Consult the Course Checklist 

Step 6

Choose which courses you would like to offer and submit to NIGP so we can seek out instructors

Step 7

All NIGP hosted seminars will need to utilize the Centralized Registration Services. Should you have questions on the Centralized Registration Services, please contact

If you are a chapter using Chapter Manager, check out:

Step 8


  • For assistance, contact for a listing of national members in your area
  • Contact for assistance with sending out blast emails to your state
  • Market the upcoming course on your website, at conferences and meetings
  • Work with other chapters in your region to market and/or coordinate courses

Step 9


  • All attendees need to fill out a Course Registration Form. The forms will be in the shipment sent from the NIGP office.
  • All attendees must sign in for each day of class. The sign-in sheets are also sent from the NIGP office.
  • The instructor is required to sign the form at the end of each class day.

Step 10


Search Upcoming Course Library

Search Tip:

Searching ONE full word will produce better results 

Value-Driven Public Procurement Professionals Presentation - April 21, 2018 MPPA
Value-Driven Public Procurement Professionals presented by the Maryland Public Purchasing Association (MPPA).  Speakers - Lisa Premo, MPM and Suzette Moore, CPPO, CPPB.

Legal Aspects course sponsored by the Greater Miami Chapter of NIGP 

Intro to Public Procurement Class - Miami Dade
Introduction to Public Procurement, hosted by: Greater Miami Chapter of NIGP, Instructor: Maureen Daniels

Developing and Managing RFPs course sponsored by the Greater Miami Chapter

3 day Courses

Institute Member: $595 

Non-Member: $695

Class minimums:
Chapter Hosted - 6, Contract - 10


Core Certificate: Foundations in Sourcing & Contracting

Specialization Certificate: Technology Procurement

Specialization Certificate: Construction Procurement

Legal Aspects of Public Procurement

2 day NIGP Courses

Institute Member: $425 
Non-Member: $525

Class minimums:
Chapter Hosted - 6, Contract - 10


Core Certificate: Foundations in Planning & Analysis

Core Certificate: Foundations in Strategy & Policy

Core Certificate: Foundations of Warehousing & Inventory Control

Core Certificate: Foundations of Leadership



2 day Co-Sponsored Courses

Institute Member: $510 
Non-Member: $610

Class minimums:
Chapter Hosted - 15, Contract - 15

Contracting with Federal Funds/Grants "Intermediate"

Contracting with Federal Funds/Grants "Advanced"

Effective Contract Writing

FEMA Procurement Requirements and Reimbursements

1 day Courses

Institute Members: $310 
Non-Members: $410

Class minimums:
Chapter Hosted - 10, Contract - 20


Competency Module: Cost, Price, and Value Analysis

Competency Module: International Procurements

Competency Module: Sourcing and Contracting Methods

Competency Module: Transformation & Vision Creation

1 day Co-Sponsored Courses

Class minimums:
Chapter Hosted - 15, Contract - 20

Adding Value to the Procurement Process

Preparing for the Age of Licensing

Procurement Challenges: A Solution Workshop



1/2 day Competencies

** You must choose two competencies to schedule

Institute Members: $310 for the two competencies
Non-Members: $410 for the two competencies

Class minimums per competency:
Chapter Hosted - 10, Contract - 20


Competency Module: Asset & Inventory Management

Competency Module: Enabling Regulations and Compliance

Competency Module: Ethics, Integrity & Transparency

Competency Module: Evaluation Methods

Competency Module: Legislation & Legal Environment

Competency Module: Mission & Public Benefit

Competency Module: Negotiations

Competency Module: Protests & Appeals

Competency Module: Requirements Planning and Understanding

Competency Module: Specification Development

Competency Module: Spend Analysis

Competency Module: Standardization


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