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We are a team: Together we make NIGP the best it can be.

We are a group of friendly, talented people who pull together to openly help and support one another with our time, our knowledge, our expertise, and our experiences. We are connected, and we are committed heart and mind. We are NIGP. Not he. Not she. Not me. We.



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2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 350
Herndon, VA 20171


Customer Care Team
Phone: 800-367-6447
Fax: 703-736-9644

Meet the NIGP Staff


Rick Grimm, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, FCIPS Chief Executive Officer
703-736-8900 x235
Fred Kuhn Chief Growth Officer
703-736-8900 x261
Todd Slater, PhD Chief Content Officer
703-736-8900 x224


Chanda Taylor Carpenter Director, Content Research & Development
703-736-8900 x273
Diane Daly Director of Certification Programs
703-736-8900 x274
Carrie Rawn, CMP, CEM, DES Director, Events & Program Delivery
703-736-8900 x251
Belinda Sites, CMP, CAE Director, Community Engagement
703-736-8900 x231
Fareshta Touhami Director of Marketing
703-736-8900 x276
Tony Yu Director of IT
703-736-8900 x264


Berhanu Beyene Database Specialist
703-736-8900 x350
Marlena Bludzien, DES Events & Programs Specialist
703-736-8900 x348
Logan Boutcher Certification Coordinator
703-736-8900 x603
Mauricio Butron Member Care Representative
703-736-8900 x238
Justin Dearing Content Delivery Administrator
703-736-8900 x244
Tu Dent Bookkeeper
17037368900 x225
Sabrina Fedorowich Human Resources Manager & Office Administration
703-736-8900 x262
Lisa Frank Content Program Manager
703-736-8900 x226
Pasquale Iacovone Content and Publications Project Manager
703-736-8900 x275
Ron King, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, VCM, VCO Content Developer
703-736-8900 x260
Helen Leonard Governance Manager
703-736-8900 x240
Ronni Levine Web Content Manager
703-736-8900 x265
Libby Lewallen Business Intelligence Analyst
703-736-8900 x253
TBD Events & Programs Manager
703-736-8900 x229
Kaitlyn Mankin Customer Care Coordinator
703-736-8900 x273
Catherine Patin Marketing Communications Manager
703-736-8900 x247
Jennifer Steffan Chapter Relations Manager
703-736-8900 x232
Karen Robinson Events & Programs Administrator
703-736-8900 x242
Ryan Swink Business Development Manager
703-736-8900 x227
Charles Taylor Instructional Designer
703-736-8900 x243
Katherine Torres Controller
703-736-8900 x228