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2020 - 2021 Awardees

Alaska Hawaii Governmental Procurement Association

Donn Tsuruda - Kashiwabara Make-A-Difference Procurement Excellence Award | Purchasing Chief, Hawaii State Procurement Office

Arizona Capitol Chapter

Jesse Atoigue, CPPB Manager of Year Award

Central Gulf Coast Chapter

DeRita Mason Buyer of the Year

Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers, Inc.

Charlie Rosol, CPPO, CPPB, NIGP-CPP Procurement Manager, Cleveland Metroparks

Copper Chapter of NIGP

Norma Comacho, CPPB Buyer of the Year
Jenn Myers, NIGP-CPP, CPPB Manager of the Year

Idaho Public Procurement Association

Kirk Anderson Professional Buyer of the Year
Drew Evans, CPPB Professional Manager of the Year
Tina McBride, CPPO, CPPB, CPM Frank Pierce "Founders Award"

Oregon Public Purchasing Association

Camber Schlag, CPPB Manager of the Year | Contracts and Procurement Manager, Marion County, OR
Connie Lelack, CPPO, CPPB Buyer of the Year | Contract Coordinator, Oregon Department of Transportation

Southeast Florida Chapter

Town of Davie
Agency of the Year Award
Outstanding Contributions to the Chapter and Public Procurement

Utah Chapter

Julie Fisher Buyer of the Year
Michael Iwasaki Manager of the Year

Washington State Chapter

Magan Waltari, CPPB, CPSM, NIGP-CPP Buyer of the Year
Erin Hamilton, CPPB, NIGP-CPP Manager of the Year