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Agency Membership

$195 / per year

Base Agency Fee 
Includes first covered member

Organizations that are federal entities, state/provincial entities, county entities, city entities, public schools, institutions of higher learning, commissions, boards, governmental hospitals, public authorities, or other institutions.

Each member agency should designate a professional representative who is currently and directly involved with the public procurement profession. This individual is designated as the "Agency Representative." The Agency Representative determines, through the membership dues structure, which employees of the agency are entitled to receive member benefits. All persons designated as Agency Members are entitled to the full privileges of membership, which include petitioning and voting rights, eligibility to serve as a member of a committee, and eligibility to serve as a member or officer on the NIGP Governing Board.

Each purchasing organization has its own membership and cannot be included under another (blanket) membership.

Please note that NIGP chapter membership does not entitle an agency or individual to an NIGP membership.

Individual Membership


$95 / per year

For individuals who are currently employed by a public agency

  • Entitled to all discounts and member benefits
  • Can serve on NIGP committees as a voting member
  • Can vote in elections
  • Can be elected to Board of Directors

Individual Membership


$195 / per year

  • Former Public Procurement ProfessionalsIndividuals who were previously employed in procurement at a public service agency, but who are not currently working in that capacity now.
  • Contracted Procurement Professionals
    Procurement Professionals employed by private sector firms that are specifically contracted by a public entity to perform procurement work
  • Non-Publicly Funded Procurement Agent
    Procurement Agent employed by non-publicly funded organizations that follow public procurement practices.
  • Other Publicly Funded Procurement Professionals
    Employees of other public, tax supported institutions

These members are not eligible to vote.

Student Membership

$0 / per year

  • Enrolled part-time or full-time in an accredited college or university
  • Pursing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in business or public administration, public purchasing or materials management, or a related field

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Faculty Membership

$0 / per year

Teachers, research specialists, department heads, directors, or deans of a college, university, or other academic institution with an educational responsibility in business or public administration, public purchasing, or materials management.

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The Importance of

Dual Membership:

NIGP and your Chapter

Add Members to your Agency Membership

For those agencies that already hold NIGP membership and would like to add additional
members to their agency membership (agency representative can only make changes).

To add members:  $95 per person

Standard additional member fee applies to every agency

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