Competency Module: Management Protests and Appeals

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March 7, 2025
Competency Module: Management: Protests and Appeals (Member: Early) $260.00
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Time: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Level: Management
Virtual Instructor-Led


Despite following procedures and planning in advance, many procurement operations face protests from suppliers. Protests are often delicate situations that require appropriate responses and cautious actions. The burden of judgement and accountability often falls on procurement leaders. Managing a procurement team during a protest raises many issues beyond evaluating the legitimacy of potential violations raised by the supplier. For example, if a highly publicized procurement is protested, a procurement leader needs to face pressure from entity leadership, politicians, and the public with confidence.

For this reason, it is imperative for current and future procurement leaders to develop confidence when considering future supplier protests. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that all procedures are followed during a protest and strategies are in place to prevent protests.

NIGP has recognized these challenges and created an in-depth course offering that provides guidance on managing a procurement team through the process of a protest, while also developing strategies to address and prevent issues related to supplier protests.

NIGP’s Management Protests & Appeals course creates a dedicated learning experience where students leave with the ability to:

  • Review protests with a high-level perspective
  • Be able to anticipate protests on high-risk procurements and deal with them proactively
  • Navigate organizational challenges with leadership and elected officials while following established processes
  • Develop strategies to improve processes
  • Respond with emotional maturity to potential pressures within the organization
  • Develop a process to acknowledge and celebrate successful protests outcomes

Intended Audience

This course is targeted to individuals who meet or exceed the following professional demographics:  

  • Senior-level public procurement professionals and senior-level central warehouse professionals who already have an in-depth knowledge of public procurement and handle or manage high-level, complex procurements for their respective entities.   

  • Professionals who are employed by governing entities and special authorities (such as K-12 and higher education, publicly-owned utilities, transportation providers, and other publicly-funded or created entities) who direct procurement operations and establish procurement policies.

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Virtual Instructor-Led

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Designed for procurement professionals that have management responsibilities or are aspiring managers.


1 Day

NIGP-CPP Exam Alignment

Area 4: Sourcing and Solicitation


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Available in these learning formats...

 Virtual Instructor-Led

This format combines the best of in-person learning by offering live participation with instructors and peers.


Instructor led discussion style classroom setting for those who prefer focused learning with maximum in-person interactions with instructors and peers.

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Completion Requirements

  1. Attend and participate in the entirety of the instructional event. 
  2. Complete the post-course evaluation survey available in Aspire.
  3. Complete the final assessment examination.

Please Note: The final assessment passing score may change prior to the date of the course based on an assessment audit. The necessary score will be communicated to students during the course proper.