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Awards & Recognition

We believe in the importance of recognizing outstanding chapters who perform and engage with their communities at a high level. We commend your efforts and dedication to moving the procurement profession forward.

Awards & Recognition for NIGP Chapters

NIGP would like to encourage more chapters to showcase their professionalism and development opportunities. That is why we are excited to announce a new two-layered approach to recognizing the accomplishments of our chapters: the Chapter Performance Standards Seal and Outstanding Chapter Awards.


This is your opportunity to promote your professionalism and efforts in advancing the public procurement profession! Get the recognition you deserve by publicly displaying and showcasing the Chapter Performance Standards Seal or the Outstanding Chapter Award on your website, social media platforms, and marketing communications.

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Award Winners

NEW - Chapter Performance Standards Seal and Outstanding Chapter Awards

Chapter Performance Standards Seal

NIGP has developed a ‘standard’ in which chapters can strive to follow and advance the opportunities offered to their members. Participating chapters receive a score which records their progress in achieving excellence. Once a chapter successfully meets the standard, a digital seal is issued which the chapter can prominently display to their membership on their website and social media outlets. The four tiers provide motivation for Chapters to achieve an even higher tier in subsequent years.

Congratulations to the 2020 Chapter Performance Standard Seals Recipients:

Carolinas Association of Governmental Purchasing
Central Florida Chapter
Columbia Chapter
Copper Chapter
Oregon Public Purchasing Association
Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association
Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing

Arizona State Capitol Chapter
Greater Miami Chapter
Idaho Public Purchasing Association
Mississippi Association of Governmental Purchasing and Property Agents
South Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Officials
Tampa Bay Area Chapter
Utah Chapter

Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers
East Tennessee Purchasing Association
Illinois Association of Public Procurement Officials
Iowa Public Procurement Association
Minnesota Chapter
Missouri Association of Public Purchasing
Southeast Texas Association of Public Purchasing
Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing

Alaska-Hawaii Governmental Procurement Association
Oklahoma Association of Public Procurement
Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association
Public Purchasers Association of Northern Ohio
Southeast Florida Chapter



Outstanding Chapter Awards

This new award is offered in four categories for the pursuit of excellence in practices and innovations; Chapter OperationsChapter MembershipChapter Advocacy and Outreach, and Chapter Professional Development.

The purpose of the Outstanding Chapter Awards is to recognize outstanding chapter practices with the intent of sharing knowledge about them with the rest of the organization. This recognition is competitive, and only one application in each category will be recognized at Forum. All applications in this area will be made available to other chapters in a new best practices library as we push the standards of practice for NIGP Chapters forward.

Congratulations to the 2020 Outstanding Chapter Award Winners:


Outstanding Chapter Membership

Utah Chapter

Outstanding Chapter Operations

Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association

Outstanding Chapter Professional Development

Tampa Bay Area Chapter

Outstanding Chapter Advocacy & Outreach

Copper Chapter