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Our Leadership

Developing, supporting and promoting the procurement profession

Our Leadership

2020-2021 Governing Board




NIGP is grateful for the service and commitment of all our volunteer leaders.  

Kate M. Rotella, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, MPA

Chair/Governing Board Treasurer

Glenn T. O'Steen, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, MBA

Vice Chair

Kim Albritton, NIGP-CPP, CPPB, FCCM

Robert J. Behr

Thought Leader

Lisa Marie Cummins, CPPB, MBA

James E. Foley, CPPO, CPPB

David L. Keen




Joan Valrie Chin Nuke, CPPO

Nicole A. Krneta Rogers, CPPB

Steve Siesser

Thought Leader



Tara L. Acton, CPPB


Jody Jacoby, NIGP-CPP, CPPO


Joe Benjamin, CPPO, CPPB, FCCM

Non-Voting Advisor

Lori J. Bryant, NIGP-CPP, CPPB

Jeffrey E. Dansdill, CPPO, CPPB

Amy Flack CPPO, CPPB

Amanda L. Greer, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB

Kristen Hutto, NIGP-CPP, CPPB


Young Professional Designee

Etta A. Henry, CPPO, CPPB

Carrie C. Roberts, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, C.P.M.

David R. Santucci, Jr., CPPO, CPPB



Arthur L. Moore, Jr., NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB



Stacy Lynn Adams, NIGP-CPP, CPPB

Keith I. Ashby, CPPO

Jeff De Cagna, FRSA FASAE

Thought Leader

Alex Denis, CPPO

Joan E. Graham, CPPO, CPPB

Rebecca L. Kee, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB

T. Suzette Moore, CPPO, CPPB

Russell M. Pankey, CPPO, CPPB



Committee & Task Force Members

Members 2020-2021

  • Accreditation

    Ms. Theresa Webb, M.A. NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, CPSM, C.P.M., - Chair
    Retired Procurement Official

    Mr. Terry L. McKee, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M. - Vice Chair
    Information Technology & Procurement Director
    Knoxville's Community Development Corp - The Public Housing & Redevelopment Authority

    Mr. Michael E. Bevis, JD, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPSM, C.P.M
    Chief Procurement Officer
    City of Norfolk

    Ms. Julia Denton, CPPB
    Procurement Specialist
    City of Ridgefield

    Mr. J. Kevin Beardsley, CPPO, CPPB
    Director, Purchasing Services
    Virginia Beach City Public Schools

    Mr. Lawrence L. Lee Martin, PH.D.
    Professor of Public Affairs
    University of Central Florida

    Mr. Nick Perrera, NIGP-CPP, CPPO CPPB
    Procurement Manager
    Arizona Department of Administration

    Dr. Alexandru Vasile Roman

    Mr. Richelieu M Sese, CPPB
    Procurement Specialist
    City of Independence

    Mr. Michael R Thornton, CPPO
    Purchasing Manager
    City of Leesburg

    Todd Slater
    Chief Content Officer
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 

    Lisa Frank
    Global Practices Manager
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 


  • Audit


    Ms. Denise E. Badillo, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Director
    City of North Charleston, SC

    Mr. Tony Reed, NIGP-CPP, CPPO
    Deputy Secretary
    Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

    Ms. Renee Medlin Schumacher, CPPO

    Katherine Torres
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 

    Fred Kuhn
    Chief Growth Officer
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 


  • Awards


    Brenda S. Derge, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, MBA, CPM
    Senior Purchasing Agent
    Wisconsin Department of Justice

    Victoria A. Cortinas, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., NIGP-CPP
    Senior Procurement Specialist
    Tucson Electric Power Company
    Tucson, AZ

    Ms. Angela L. Edwards, CPPB
    Chief Administrator
    New York City Department of Education

    Ms. Amanda L. Greer, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, MBA
    Council Liaison
    Statewide Procurement Analyst II
    Kentucky Division of Engineering and Contract Administration

    Mrs. Brooke Green
    Procurement Analyst
    Lee County Board of Commissioners
    Fort Myers, FL

    Ms. Jennifer Miller, NIGP-CPP, CPPB
    Director of Procurement 
    City of Salisbury, MD

    Ms. Yolanda D. Miller, CPPO, C.P.M.
    Deputy Purchasing Officer
    City of Austin FSD Purchasing

    Ms. June M. Nasby
    Buyer II
    City of Iowa City, IA

    Ms. Krystyna J. Owen, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Agent
    City of Norfolk, VA

    Ms. Kellie D. Pendleton, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Manager
    City of Plano, TX

    Mrs. Andrea L. Philyaw, CPPO, PMP, CPPB
    Director, Procurement & Risk Management
    Loudoun County Public Schools
    Ashburn, VA

    Mr. Rick L. Grimm, FCIPS, CPPO, CPPB
    Chief Executive Officer 
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 

    Ms. Cathie Patin
    Marketing Communications Manager
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 

  • Certification Commission

    Certification Commission

    Don Buffum, FNIGP, NIGP-CPP, CPPO
    Commission Chair
    Executive Director, Procurement & Contracts
    Mississippi State University

    Carl Bonitto, CSCMP
    Commission Chair-Elect
    Manager of Purchasing and Risk Management Services
    Northumberland County, Cobourg, ON

    David Billingsley CPSM, C.P.M.
    Member appointed by FAPPO
    Chief Procurement Officer
    City of Orlando, FL

    Sean Carroll
    Member appointed by NIGP
    Chief Procurement Officer
    State of New York Procurement

    Stacy Gregg, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Member appointed by NIGP
    Procurement Manager
    State of South Carolina

    Etta Henry, CPPO, CPPB
    Member appointed by NIGP
    Director of Procurement Services
    Old Dominion University

    Barbara Johnson, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, MPA
    Member appointed by NIGP
    Director of Procurement
    State of Ohio Department of Corrections (retired)

    Zulay Vincenty Millan, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, FCCM
    Member appointed by NIGP
    Assistant Manager
    Orange County Florida – Procurement Division

    Jack Pellegrino, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPCM
    Member appointed by CAPPO
    Director of Purchasing and Contracting
    County of San Diego

    Christina Pryor, CPPO, CPPB
    Member appointed by NPI
    Purchasing and Materials Manager
    City of Chandler, AZ

    Annie Teav
    Member appointed by NIGP
    Senior Contract Specialist
    Multnomah County Purchasing, OR

    Dr. Mohamad G. Alkadry, Ph.D.
    Non-Voting Academic Advisor
    Professor and Public Policy Department Head
    University of Connecticut

    Dr. Adam Williams, Ph.D.
    Voting Academic Advisor
    Director of the Master of Public Administration Program and Assistant Professor of Public Administration
    University of Illinois at Springfield

  • Chapter Ambassadors

    Chapter Ambassadors

    Area 1
    Mr. Sean Carroll
    Chief Procurement Officer
    New York State Office of General Services

    Area 1
    Mr. Phil Goodwin
    Town of Hamden, CT

    Area 2
    Ms. Maureen Wilson McIlvaine, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Director
    County of Bucks, PA

    Area 2
    Ms. Lorie W. Newton, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Chesterfield County, VA

    Area 3
    Carl Bonitto, CSCMP
    Purchasing Manager
    Northumberland County, Cobourg, ON

    Area 3
    Penny M Owens, NIGP-CPP, CPPO
    Assistant Purchasing Agent
    City of Knoxville

    Area 4
    Mr. Samuel P. Lemonis, CPPB
    District Director of Purchasing
    Hinds Community College, MS

    Area 4
    Mr. William J. Tommie, Jr., CPPO
    Purchasing Director
    Cobb County, GA

    Area 5
    Ms. Karen M. Main, CPPO, CPPB

    Area 5
    Joe Benjamin, CPPO, CPPB, FCCM
    Certified Senior Procurement Analyst
    City of Tampa

    Area 6
    Mrs. Kara M. Daniel, NIGP-CPP
    Coordinator 1 - Purchasing
    City of Springfield - MO

    Area 6
    Ginger R. Line, CPPB
    Membership Development Administrator

    Area 7
    Ms. Leah Price
    Grand River Dam Authority, OK

    Area 7
    Ms. Debra J. Kaminski, CPPB
    Purchasing Agent
    Fort Bend County, TX

    Area 8
    Ms. Diane L. Seaton, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, CDT, MCA
    City of Portland, OR

    Area 8
    Alyssa Ellington, NIGP-CPP, CPPB
    Ada County, ID

    Area 8
    Mr. Brian R. Smith, NIGP-CPP, CPPO
    Purchasing Manager
    Multnomah County, OR

    Area 9
    Jason J. Steinmann, CPPB
    Granite School District, UT

    Area 9
    Mr. William (Bill) L. Munch, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Procurement Compliance and Training Officer
    Valley Schools Management Group 

    Ms. Jennifer Steffan
    Chapter Relations Manager
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

  • Content Management

    Content Management

    Ms. Stephanie Dion, NIGP-CPP, CPPB - Chair
    Strategic Sourcing Specialist
    Manitoba Hydro

    Joe Benjamin, CPPO, CPPB, FCCM - Vice Chair
    Certified Senior Procurement Analyst
    City of Tampa

    Ms. Lorraine M. Hein, NIGP-CPP, CPPB
    Director of Business
    Western Suffolk BOCES 

    Ms. Patricia M. Innocenti, CPPO,CPPB
    Deputy Director
    Fairfax County Government

    Mr. Abdoul Kabaou
    Purchasing Manager
    City of Little Rock

    Mr. Victor A. Leamer, CPPB
    Senior Buyer
    Spokane County

    Mr. Dan S. Marran, CPPO, C.P.M.
    Contracts and Risk Manager
    City of Sparks

    Mr. Russell M. Pankey, CPPO, CPPB
    Procurement Manager
    City of Independence

    Mrs. Shari L. Pine, CPPO, CPPB, CPM
    Public Works Purchasing Coordinator
    City of Olathe

    Mr. Brett M. Wood, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Director
    Placer County

    Mr. Rick L. Grimm, CPPO, CPPB, FCIPS
    Chief Executive Officer
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

    Mr. Todd Slater
    Chief Content Officer
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

  • Diversity & Equity

    Diversity & Equity

    Ms. Latifah Jackson - Chair
    Contracts & Business Development Coordinator
    Edwards Aquifer Authority

    Ms. Sharita LaChelle Bryant, CPPB, VCM, VCO, VCA
    Procurement Management Account Executive
    Virginia Department of General Services

    Ms. Ireyan Clark-Sam
    Senior Contracts and Procurement Analyst
    City of Missouri City

    Ms. Hattie M. Crosby, CPPO
    Chief of Procurement & Contracts
    Maryland Environmental Services
    Millersville, MD

    Jeff E. Dansdill, CPPO, CPPB
    Member Council Liaison
    Senior Contracts Manager
    Hawaii Health Systems Corp.
    Hilo, HI

    Ashley Kennedy-Shell
    Procurement Manager
    University of South Carolina

    Mrs. Nicole J. Murphy-Garcia
    Procurement Specialist II
    Port of Portland

    Mrs. Sharon Reed
    Procurement Manager
    Unified Government of Wyandotte County

    Ms. Cherilyn G. Wadley, CPPB
    Contract Compliance Specialist Senior
    City of Austin FSD Purchasing

    Ms. Lisa Frank
    Global Practices Manager
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Ms. Stephanie B. Suter, CPPO,CPPB
    Procurement Manager
    City of Lynchburg

    Ms. Lourdes (Maria de Lourdes) Coss, CPPO
    Vice Chair

    Mr. Jack Adger, NIGP-CPP, CPPO,CPPB
    Talent Council Liaison
    Assistant Purchasing Agent
    Harris County, TX

    Alex Denis, CPPO
    Council Liaison
    Procurement Director
    City of Miami Beach

    Ms. Maureen H Goulet, CPPB
    Director of General Services
    Town of Manchester, CT

    Mr. Allen Hunsberger, NIGP-CPP, C.P.M.
    Assistant Director
    County of San Diego

    Mr. Steve Johnson, CPPO, Assoc. DBIA
    Supervisor, Design & Construction Contracts
    Sound Transit

    Ms. Kerrie P Koopman, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Manager
    Frederick County Public Schools

    Danny Mays, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPSM, CPPB
    Maryland Judiciary

    Ms. Diane C. Palmer-Boeck, CPPO
    Chief Procurement Officer
    City of Plano

    Mr. Richard Pennington, NIGP-CPP
    General Counsel
    NASPO ValuePoint

  • Mentorship


    Mr. Keith K. Glatz, CPPO, FCPA, FCPM
    Purchasing & Contracts Manager
    City of Tamarac

    Mrs. Marcheta E. Gillespie, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPM

    Mr. Sylvester L Donelson, Jr.
    Chief Procurement Officer
    County of Santa Barbara

    Ms. O’Linda A. Fuller, DCPC, CASA
    Senior Contract Analyst
    Washington Metro Area Transit Authority
    Washington, DC

    Ms. Catherine E, Link, CPPB

    Mrs. Carol P. McPatrick, CPPO, CPPB
    Contract Supervisor
    Orange County - FL

    Christine M. Moody, CPPO, CPPB
    Contracts and Purchasing Manager
    City of Tigard, OR

    Mr. David E. Nash, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Procurement Specialist - Retired

    Mr. Philip Saunders
    Capital Projects, Procurement & DBE Coordinator
    Washington State Department of Transportation

    Mr. Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO,FCCM
    Director of Purchasing
    City of Tampa

    Ms. Shirley J Webb, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    Deputy Chief Procurement Officer/SPO
    State of Illinois Procurement

    Mr. Keith I. Ashby, CPPO
    Talent Council Liaison
    Purchasing Manager
    Arapahoe County

    Ms. Rebecca L. Kee, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
    CPO/Purchasing Agent
    City of Virginia Beach

    Mr. Todd Slater, PhD
    Staff Liaison
    Chief Content Officer
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

  • Pipeline & Placement

    Pipeline & Placement

    Mrs. Jenn Myers, NIGP-CPP, CPPB (Chair)
    Principal Contract Officer
    City of Tucson

    Mrs. Brooke Smith (Vice-Chair)
    Purchasing Agent & Deputy
    Murray City Corporation

    Ms. Tara Camp, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Manager - Non Capital & Materials Management
    Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

    Ms. Debra K. Carrejo-Trull, CPPO, CPPB
    County Purchasing Agent
    El Paso County TX

    Mrs. Alena Croy, MBA, CPO
    Purchasing Specialist
    City of Oklahoma City

    Mr. Torry R. Huff, CPPB, VCCO, VCO
    Senior Procurement Specialist
    Fairfax Water

    Ms. Tonya Joyner
    Procurement Specialist I
    City of Virginia Beach

    Ms. Helen Leonard
    Staff Liaison
    Governance Manager
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

    Ms. Stacy Lynn Adams, CPPB
    Council Liaison
    Deputy State Procurement Officer
    State of South Carolina, Division of Procurement Services

  • Scholarship


    Rennette R. Apodaca, CPPO
    Executive Director Procurement and Accounts Payable
    Albuquerque Public Schools

    Ms. Clarissa G. Clark, CPPO, CPPB
    Procurement Manager
    University of South Carolina

    Ms. Andrea Foren, CPPO, CPPB
    Purchasing Manager
    City of Fayetteville - AR

    Pamela R. Johnson Moore, NIGP-CPP, CPPB
    RFP Project Manager
    Alabama Dept. of Medicaid

    Maija M. Lampinen, CPPB
    Procurement and Contracts Manager
    Port of Everett

    Zulay Millan, NIGP-CPP, CPPB, CPPO, FCCM
    Member Council Liaison
    Orange County Florida – Procurement Division

    Ms. Cathy Robinson, CPPO, CPPB
    Procurement Manager
    City of Lynnwood

    Arju Yudasto, MPA
    City of Miami Beach

    Helen Leonard
    Staff Liaison
    Governance Manager
    2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 350
    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement 


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Past Presidents


  • Past Presidents/Governing Board Chairs
    • 2019-2020 Michael E. Bevis, JD, CPPO, CPSM, C.P.M, City of Norfolk, VA
    • 2018-2019 Michael E. Bevis, JD, CPPO, CPSM, C.P.M, City of Norfolk, VA
    • 2017-2018 Jack Adger, CPPO, CPPB, Denton County, TX
    • 2016-2017 Jack Adger, CPPO, CPPB, Bossier Parish Schools, LA
    • 2015-2016 Keith K. Glatz, CPPO, FCPM, FCPA, City of Tamarac, FL
    • 2014-2015 Donald G. Buffum, CPPO, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS
    • 2013-2014 Marcheta E. Gillespie, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPM, City of Tucson, AR
    • 2012-2013 Bobbi Matthews, CPPO, CPPB, Port of Portland, OR
    • 2011-2012 Stephanie Creed, CPPO, CPPB, Arkansas State University - Beebe
    • 2010-2011 Kenneth Koester, CPPO, C.P.M., A.P.P., Unified Purchasing Coop Of Ohio River Valley, Cincinnati, OH
    • 2009-2010 Paul Brennan, CPPO, Rockland County, NY
    • 2008-2009 Kirk Buffington, CPPO, C.P.M., MBA, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • 2007-2008 Edmund Grant, CPPO, CPPB, RPPO, County of Cape May, NJ
    • 2006-2007 Darin Matthews, CPPO, C.P.M., Metro, Office of Finance & Administration, OR
    • 2005-2006 Norma Hall, CPPO, CPPB, CPM, Office of Materials Management, SC
    • 2004-2005 Ronald Watkins, CPPO, City of Grand Junction, CO
    • 2003-2004 Jean A. Clark, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPM, AZ Department of Administration, Phoenix
    • 2002 Stephen B. Gordon, Ph.D., CPPO, Metropolitan Government of Nashville/Davison County, TN
    • 2001 William B. Irish, CPPO, C.P.M., County of Northampton, PA
    • 2000 Rick D. Berry, CPPO, City of Virginia Beach
    • 1999 Corrine A. Culver, Arizona Department of Transportation
    • 1998 Louis Moore, City Of St. Petersburg, FL
    • 1997 Glenn R. Cummings, Broward County Board Of Commissioners, FL
    • 1996 Sharon E. Seekins, City Of Mesa, AZ
    • 1995 James B. O’Neill II, City Of Fort Collins, Co
    • 1994 Larry N. Wellman, Fairfax County, VA
    • 1993 Thomas F. Blaine, Jr., Harris-Stowe State College, MO
    • 1992 Robert J. Sheridan, Warren County, NJ
    • 1991 J. W. (Bill) Adams, City Of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    • 1990 Kenneth C. Trufant, District School Board Of Pasco County, FL
    • 1989 Curtis L. Walsh, Henrico County, VA
    • 1988 Robin J. Zee, State Of Maryland
    • 1987 Betty Y. Bingham, City Of Louisville/Jefferson County, KY
    • 1986 William E. Peter, City Of St. Paul/County Of Ramsey, MN
    • 1985 Charles W. Hintze, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, WI
    • 1983-84 Hugh M. Carleton, State Of Louisiana
    • 1982-83 Solon A. Bennett, City Of Austin, TX
    • 1981-82 Joseph J. Warnas, Maricopa County, AZ
    • 1980-81 Stanley D. Zemansky, City Of Baltimore, MD
    • 1979-80 James P. Arnold, City Of Chicago, IL
    • 1978-79 William B. Whitson, Nashville-Davidson County, TN
    • 1977-78 Herbert C. Damron, St. Louis Community College, MO
    • 1976-77 Donald F. Krueger, City Of Tampa, FL
    • 1975-76 T. Gordon Sandridge, Richmond Public Schools, VA
    • 1974-75 Douglas G. Judd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • 1973-74 Homer A. Foerster, Texas State Board Of Control
    • 1972-73 Robert G. Edgerton, Luzerne County, PA
    • 1971-72 Edwin W. Hyka, City Of Long Beach, CA
    • 1970-71 T. M. Galloway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • 1969-70 Robert K. Lowry, City Of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    • 1968-69 Thomas C. Iaia, City School District, Rochester, NY
    • 1967-68 William J. Burke, Texas State Board Of Control
    • 1966-67 Charles F. Sullivan, State Of New Jersey
    • 1965-66 George W. Warren, Jr., City Of Baltimore, MD
    • 1964-65 Andrew L. Lehrbaummer, City Of Milwaukee, WI
    • 1963-64 Rexford G. Wessells, District Of Columbia
    • 1962-63 G. Lloyd Nunally, Commonwealth Of Virginia
    • 1961-62 Verne O. Gehringer, County Of San Diego, CA
    • 1960-61 Otto R. Winter, City Of Philadelphia, PA
    • 1959-60 Ernest J. Brewer, City Of Atlanta, GA
    • 1958-59 O. Grant Brush, City Of Austin, TX
    • 1958 Joseph P. Spagna, City Of New York, NY
    • 1957-58 Maurice S. Park, County Of Dane, WI
    • 1956-57 John W. Huffman, City Of Richmond, VA
    • 1955-56 John G. Krieg, City Of Cincinnati, OH
    • 1954-55 Bernard L. Gill, City Of Madison, WI
    • 1953-54 C. L. Magnuson, State Of Connecticut
    • 1952-53 Leo Weil, City Of Cleveland, OH
    • 1952 Carl Riggs, State Of West Virginia
    • 1951-52 Arthur B. Gathright, Commonwealth Of Virginia 
    • 1950-51 Michael M. Donohue, County Of Allegheny, PA
    • 1949-50 John F. Ward, City Of Chicago, IL 
    • 1948-49 Joseph W. Nicholson, City Of Milwaukee, WI
    • 1947-48 W.Z. Betts, State Of North Carolina
    • 1946-47 Albert Pleydell, City Of New York, NY
    • 1945-46 Maurice G. Postley, New York City Board Of Education, NY
    • 1944-45 Alvin J. Holm, City Of Los Angeles, CA