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NIGP-CPP Retired Status

The NIGP Certification Commission offers the NIGP-CPP Retired status to any current NIGP-CPP certificant who is fully retired from active practice in the profession, including part-time work, consulting, instructing, or independent contracting in the procurement field. Any current NIGP-CPP who requests and is approved for the NIGP-CPP Retired status must use the title NIGP-CPP Retired or the acronym NIGP- CPP Ret. to designate they are not active NIGP-CPP certification holders.

To apply online for the NIGP-CPP Retired status, you must apply during the effective period of your current certification three-year cycle. The NIGP-CPP Retired status may not be requested by any individual after his/her certification expiration date.

Please note that a NIGP-CPP Retired person is not a current NIGP-CPP certificant and is not required to recertify once the NIGP-CPP Retired status is obtained. There will also be a separate listing of all those with the NIGP-CPP Retired status to differentiate between those individuals who are current NIGP-CPP certificants.

Please contact the NIGP certification staff at to request the NIGP-CPP Retired Status application in time to submit the application and documents BEFORE your certification expiration date. Documentation of full retirement will be required, and the application will require the individual to sign the NIGP Code of Ethics and the NIGP-CPP Retired status declaration statements, verifying that all active practice has been concluded.

If an individual has obtained the NIGP-CPP Retired status, he/she may opt to return to full NIGP-CPP certification within one year from the NIGP-CPP Retired status date. The NIGP-CPP Retired person must remit the recertification fee and submit the completed recertification application to verify that he/she could have recertified during the recertification period. After one year, the only way to become a current NIGP-CPP would be to apply as a new candidate, remit all application and testing fees, and successfully complete all examination requirements.

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Recertification Fees


$125 every three years

NIGP-CPP Retired status

$75 once, at the time that the NIGP-CPP Retired status application is submitted

Lapsed Certification (within one year of the expiration date)

$50 in addition to regular recertification fees

Fees are subject to change.