March is Procurement Month

Procurement Month

It's time to celebrate the role of the public procurement profession!

In this month, we acknowledge all our professionals who make a difference in procurement efficiency and effectiveness. This month provides the opportunity to help educate elected officials, administrators, taxpayers, and vendors about the procurement process and the admirable work our members perform every day.

Happy Procurement Month for NIGP's CEO, Rick Grimm

It amazes me, that in addition to the stress of ensuring our agencies could accomplish their missions, and that our communities had the resources they needed to respond to this crisis; we’ve still found ways to support one another.

Tara L. Acton, CPPB
Chair – NIGP Member Council

Celebrating You…

Celebrating Procurement...

Celebrating the Positive Impact

You Have on Our Lives…Every Day!
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Happy Procurement Month - Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority


Idaho Public Purchasing Association celebrating Procurement Month

State of Louisiana Department of Corrections Staff celebrate Thankful Thursday

The City of Plantation, FL celebrates Procurement Month