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Bring Pathways to your Agency

Work with NIGP to create a customized learning program that gives your employees the tools and resources to excel in their roles now and in the future.

In today's workforce, employees expect to have opportunities to continue developing professionally through training and educational programs. Junior professionals are especially eager to seek development opportunities that will lead to career success.

For agencies, it can be beneficial to offer flexible professional development options to encourage employees to focus on their individual development in ways that contribute to the development of the organization. NIGP can work with you to create a customized learning program that will give your employees the tools and resources they need to excel in their roles now and in the future.

Benefits of Pathways for your Agency

  • Relevant learning without any fluff
  • Courses using a variety of learning delivery including in-person, virtual instructor-led to completely on-demand
  • Instant recognition for easy tracking of progress
  • Learning built around your organization's schedule and needs
  • Professional guidance from NIGP to choose the best path for your employees 

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Collaborative Team Environment

Collaborative training promotes dialogue with Instructor and students,  it also creates connections and added value for your teams. 


Experienced Instructors

Our carefully selected, experienced instructors bring years of real-life public procurement experience to your teams. Their knowledge extends well beyond the classroom, offering your teams a well-rounded learning experience.


Coursework tailored for Today's Agile Professional

We help ensure your learning path is efficient, engaging and effective.

  • Target your employees professional development needs with our tailored-for-you courses.
  • Inspire your staff to gain additional knowledge
  • Support the goals of your employees by helping them to work as efficiently and expertly as possible.
  • Train your teams virtually and save on time and money.
  • Employees that learn together connect more and work better as a team.
  • Develop tomorrow's leaders among your staff
  • Nurture those new to the profession by helping them translate knowledge to competencies.