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Chapter Governance

Every chapter has an elected Board that determines policies and guidelines for the chapter. As a Board member, it’s essential that you review the governing documents that were created and revised by your predecessors to ensure they accurately reflect the current needs of your chapter.

This page has all the information you need to effectively govern your NIGP chapter, from creating officer and volunteer job descriptions to developing, implementing, and monitoring a strategic plan for your chapter’s future.

NIGP Chapter Governance

Writing and Updating NIGP Chapter Bylaws

Bylaws are the fundamental rules that define your chapter. Unlike a policy manual or strategic plans, Bylaws have a specific order to follow. They must be accurate as they are a legal document.  

Bylaws are established in a single document. 

  • Bylaws should be reviewed regularly by your board and follow the NIGP and chapter membership approval process. 
  • Once the chapter board has agreed on changes, this document should be sent to NIGP either in red-lined or itemized format for review prior to going to the membership for a vote. 
  • NIGP will review and offer any changes or updates recommended.  The purpose of the review is to ensure conformance with current NIGP Bylaws and policies (reference in the 2021 Chapter Operating Framework document GOVERNING DOCUMENTS #12). 
  • Once NIGP has reviewed your bylaws and provided feedback, send your bylaws to your membership for a vote. 
  • Once approved, please send a clean copy back to NIGP to post below and for our historical records. 

Ten Most Common Bylaw Pitfalls

Articles to Include in Your Chapter’s Bylaws

While the specific information included in  your chapter’s Bylaws will be unique, the Bylaws should include these articles in the following order:

  • Name
  • Object
  • Membership
  • Officers
  • Meetings
  • Executive Board
  • Committees
  • Parliamentary Authority
  • Amendment

Sample Bylaws from NIGP Chapters

Bylaws should be revisited and revised regularly to make sure they reflect the current standing of the chapter. You can use this sample Bylaws template to create new Bylaws or revise old ones. 

Here are sample Bylaws from NIGP chapters of all sizes that you can review.

Sample Bylaws from Small Chapters


Sample Bylaws from Medium Chapters


Sample Bylaws from Large Chapters


Sample Bylaws from Extra Large Chapters

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