Radio NIGP

Introducing Radio NIGP - Our First-Ever Radio Show! 

We are incredibly excited to introduce RADIO NIGP. A talented team of procurement colleagues created our first-ever radio program. Radio NIGP gives a new vibe and a new twist to the world of procurement. Get ready to listen, learn and be entertained!

What's Ahead

Radio NIGP will be produced monthly with segments that include "Legally Speaking", "Word of the Day", "Tech Tip" as well as guest commentaries, interviews and compelling news that will keep you connected and engaged with NIGP and the procurement community. Look for more enhancements as we grow this innovative radio program.

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July Broadcast

NIGP Forum 2021

NIGP Virtual Forum can only mean one thing - an expanded Forum addition for this month's Radio NIGP show.

Here's what waiting for you this month:

  • Word of the Day (0:10)
    The question of the day asks some questions to get viewers thinking about attending Forum.  As you listen to others throughout the broadcast discussing this topic, it will answer some of the questions you may not otherwise have considered
  • Interviews with NIGP (1:10)
    Advice for first time attendees, how to choose what to sessions to attend, and the importance of networking
  • Chapter Updates (17:30)
    How NIGP Chapters are supporting their members attending Forum
  • Hot Topics (22:30)
    Virtual Forum is fast approaching and there are dozens of presentations from which to choose. This month the Hot Topics trio discusses how they make their choices and offers some of their exciting recommendations
  • Tech Tips (49:05)
    Highlighting Forum’s Technology track
  • Legally Speaking (51:00)
    Introduces the Forum Legal Aspects track segments and the Procurement in the Courtroom case; and why they are important to procurement practitioners
  • Commentary (1:03:25)
    Registration alone does not mean you are attending Forum.  HHMMM…  In this commentary we discuss the importance of truly attending ourselves, supporting others as they attend, and seeking knowledge and perspectives from others that are attending

June Broadcast


What can we expect? What are the various perspectives? What kind of support can we provide? How does this topic resonate with you and your entity? 

Topics covered include:

  • Word (or in this case) Words of the Day
  • Chapter Updates
  • Tech Talk - Topic: Ransomware
  • Hot Topics 
  • Commentary on the effect on staff of returning to work. 

May Broadcast


"Resilience” and it's meaning based on experiences, specifically during the past year with COVID19.

Topics covered include:

  • Legally Speaking: Discusses how to make new ideas “stick” instead of reverting to business as usual, and thoughts about whether laws may need to change to implement your ideas.
  • Good in Orange: Examines P-Card fraud and misuse at an institution of Higher Education; and how they bounced back from it.
  • Commentary: Mothers (and fathers) are a perfect picture of resiliency and are worthy of being celebrated every day!
  • Hot Topics: the age old question of when to use an RFP is discussed, with a bit of an emphasis on gaining the best value for our clients.
  • Chapter Updates: Chapter members and Ambassadors speak about NIGP’s Chapter Academy, an annual leadership development experience offered to existing and rising chapter leaders.

April Broadcast


Procurement's creativity in performing their role during this past year under COVID.

Topics covered include:

  • Legally Speaking: Discusses the legality of electronic signatures and approvals in the Procurement process
  • Procurement Ethics: Examines lessons learned from the “Fajita Bandit”
  • Commentary: What does it take for others to see the value of Procurement?
  • Chapter Updates: Three NIGP Chapters share their successes in  innovation during COVID

March Broadcast