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Marketing Toolkit

How to Promote Your Chapter's Educational Opportunities

There's no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing NIGP's educational offerings. Here are some key points to convey to your chapter about NIGP educational offerings through your website, social media platforms, and email campaigns.

Main Initiatives

Join Us In Boston | August 20-24 or Virtually | August 22-24

Discover a network of colleagues, explore bold ideas, and gain new experiences that accelerate your long-term professional goals.

NIGP Forum brings together professionals at all levels and from all career stages to learn from and support one another. It’s where our profession is exposed to new thinking and prepared to develop new solutions to reshape our work. 

Whether you’re joining us in Boston or live-streaming the experience virtually, you’ll have plenty of ways to participate, learn, connect, and prepare for all the new possibilities ahead.


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Soft Skills Essentials

June 8 & 9, 2022

12:30 PM - 5:00 PM (ET) - HOSTED ON ZOOM

8 Contact Hours

What are soft skills?

These refer to the personality traits, behaviors, and social attitudes that make you a more effective communicator, that enable you to collaborate with others, that help you successfully manage workplace conflict. Unlike “hard” skills, which often describe a person’s technical abilities, soft skills include any skills developed beyond your technical competencies and showcases your ability to work with others and grow within an organization. With the growth of team-oriented jobs, these skills become critical to the modern work environment. 

Session Topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Managing Your Time & Energy
  • Resiliency & Adaptability
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication, Collaboration & Active Listening

Special thanks to our government partner Sourcewell for recognizing the importance of building essential soft skills for the future workplace and continuing to support NIGP's mission to develop, support and promote the public procurement profession.

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Social Media Graphics:

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The NIGP-CPP is a unique new certification program that addresses the critical needs of our profession and members.

  • Target: Mid-to-senior level procurement leaders
  • Source: The Public Procurement Competency Framework, borne out of thorough and comprehensive research
  • Focus: Shifts focus from knowledge (what you know) to competency (what you do)

Questions? Visit the NIGP-CPP page or contact Diane Daly at

Read the Handbook


It's your journey. Pathways is our new learning and recognition program that allows procurement professionals to design a flexible educational path that fits any schedule and budget.

Key Points to Convey on Website and Social Media

  • Pathways is YOU focused.
  • It enables you to custom design your professional development based on your unique career goals.
  • It offers professional development and credentialing for today’s public procurement professionals.
  • Pathways is all-in-one integrated program that offers multiple paths for you to increase learning, enhance competence, get recognition, and show career progression.
  • On social media, use the hashtag #NIGPPathways.

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Key Points about the Individual Pathways Offerings:

Include these key points on your website along with dates, times, and links to the courses that will be coming to your chapter.

  • Access to the instructor in the classroom environment
  • Network with other procurement professionals in your area
  • Professional development opportunity brought to your doorstep
  • Use the description and key benefits to learning from each course listed here: List of Courses
  • Contact Hours & CEUs (number of each listed on individual course description pages here: List of Courses)

NIGP's New Brand for your website (and Marketing Collateral)


New Brand Look Chapter Rollout Webinar

Refresh your marketing efforts with NIGP's new brand

We have refreshed our brand! To provide our Chapters the opportunity to refresh their websites and marketing efforts, we are providing the following assets:

Tips for Writing Emails & Social Media Posts

Tips for Sending Emails

Use these general tips to get more members to open and read your emails.

  • Keep the email subject between 45-60 characters, so the entire subject displays in an inbox regardless of email platform.
  • Keep the heading simple. Example, "Don't miss [Insert title], coming to your NIGP chapter soon!"
  • Recommended send days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Analyze data to determine the best days and times to send emails based on your members' habits.

Tips for Posting to Social Media

  • Best Days to Post to Social Media: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Best Times: people are most likely to read your tweets/posts between 9 am and 3 pm.
  • Shorten links for Twitter - Go to, paste your link into the box, click shorten, and then copy that new bitly link to paste in your Twitter post.