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Resources to help our Chapters attract local procurement professionals to their local Chapter Events and Conferences.

Every year, NIGP hosts events and conferences that help procurement professionals network with peers and with suppliers. NIGP chapters frequently host events to attract local procurement professionals and to help their members achieve their professional development goals.

Reverse Trade Shows

Reverse trade shows  provide suppliers, consultants, and contractors with the opportunity to meet with procurement professionals from numerous governmental agencies at one time. It's called a reverse trade show because the suppliers do not have booths. Instead, the governmental agencies host booths and suppliers roam the trade show floor to meet with individuals from each entity.

NIGP chapters have had immense success with reverse trade shows. In addition to connecting suppliers with procurement professionals, these shows generate money for chapters that can be used to fund scholarship programs and subsidize educational seminars for chapter members.

Reverse Trade Show Resources

Listed below are examples of how various chapters have hosted reverse trade shows. Use these resources to help plan your chapter's next reverse trade show.

Reverse Trade Show Tips

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