NIGP Mastermind Program
Leadership Development

NIGP Mastermind Program


Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

NIGP’s newest offering, The Mastermind Program, allows for targeted study of various leadership concepts in peer-to-peer learning environments. Grounded in leadership expert John Maxwell’s teachings, these eight offerings are taught by procurement professionals and earn participants a Maxwell Leadership Certificate.

Each Mastermind topic provides unique opportunities for leaders to share expertise and experiences, and put new concepts into practice through activities and discussion.

The Mastermind Program is recommended for NIGP Members that are mid to senior procurement leaders.

Lourdes Coss, MPA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO


Register for the October 17 Course

Transform your leadership style: learn to coach and inspire others to achieve results.

Register for the September 25th Course

Want to sharpen your skills and maximize your potential as a leader? Unlock the secrets to becoming a great leader with our ten foundational lessons.

Register for the October 23rd Course

Become a procurement influencer - maximize your team's performance by learning how to influence other positively.

Register for the November 20th Course

Discover the art of meaningful connection by learning the essential practices for building stronger relationships.

Register for the January 15, 2025 Course

Unlock your full potential: discover the 21 irrefutable laws to effective leadership.

Register for the February 2025 Course

Take your team to the next level by empowering them to take on leadership roles within your organization.

Register for the March 26, 2025 Course

Elevate your performance: discover techniques for achieving greatness as an individual and as part of a team.

Register for the May 14, 2025 Course

Discover the secrets to building a lasting legacy through effective leadership.