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Procurement is incorporating best practices into its operations (formerly the OA4)

Procurement interacts positively with and is responsive to all its stakeholders 

"Attaining accreditation with NIGP is of immeasurable value. Being accredited heightens the trust in relationships with our customers, both internal and external alike.

It establishes the Procurement Department as a recognized industry leader, highlights our commitment and adherence to standard best practices, and celebrates our continual pursuit of excellence." 

of respondents rated their experience of submitting a QPPD application as 8.5/10 or higher.
of respondents are interested in applying for Pareto accreditation with 42% expressing interest after learning that the application fee has been significantly reduced.
Respondents shared that the feedback they received from the Accreditation Committee in response to their application provided a highly valuable benefit for their continued improvement.

Accreditation for Quality Public Procurement Departments (QPPD) (Formerly the OA4)

The Accreditation for Quality Public Procurement Departments* (QPPD) is an online, value-driven self-assessment for Procurement Departments. During the application process, Procurement Departments identify the laws, i.e., codes, ordinances, regulations, statutes, that authorize Procurement to perform and delegate procurement activities. This is invaluable in providing support for your Procurement Department. Procurement Departments meeting the minimum requirements are QPPD-accredited for three years.

Once a Procurement Department has earned QPPD Accreditation, it is eligible and encouraged to apply for Pareto Accreditation. While the QPPD is a self-assessment that focuses on the Procurement Department, the Pareto requires an external verification and review of Procurement’s strategic and operational functions as well as its stakeholder interactions. This is a more rigorous evaluation, including narrative responses, documentation, and interviews with stakeholders to assess Procurement interaction and responsiveness

*Note: We are referring to “Procurement Departments” with the acknowledgement that each entity may use a different name such as Division or Unit.

QPPD (formerly OA4) Accredited Procurement Departments


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Pareto Accreditation

Pareto Accreditation is named after the founder of the 80/20 rule and is the most prestigious and highest accreditation in our profession of Procurement’s achievement of a strategic role, position, and function within the entity. Pareto Accreditation may be earned only by entities that have achieved QPPD accreditation and successfully completed a prescribed peer review process. Pareto Accreditation is not easily earned due to the rigors inherent to the review process. QPPD accreditation must be active and not expire prior to approval of the Pareto Award. Entities should allow four to six months to complete a Pareto Accreditation assessment. Due to the extensive review process, NIGP will not be able to consider applications filed within six months of their expiration date of the QPPD. We recommend applying for Pareto Accreditation at least nine months prior to the QPPD expiration/renewal date. 

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Pareto Accreditation Recipient

The PARETO Accreditation recognizes those agencies that lead the public procurement profession. Accreditation certification is valid for five years. The following agencies are currently accredited:

  • City of St. Petersburg
  • Sound Transit
  • Tampa International Airport, Hillsborough County Aviation Authority