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  • SA

  • Safety Stock

    Extra quantity of an inventory item retained to reduce the risk of stock outages.
  • Sales

    Transactions involving the exchange of goods or services for money.
  • Sales Promotion

    A marketing strategy in which a short-term incentive or added value is offered in an effort to increase sales to customers.
  • Sales Representative

    A person designated as a business' principal point of contact with customers for the purpose of selling that business' goods or services and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Tax

    A government-imposed consumption tax on the sale of goods and services.
  • Sales Territory

    A geographical area or customer group assigned to a business' salesperson or team.
  • Salvage

    Property having some value in excess of its basic material content or scrap value, but is in such condition as to be no longer usable, and its repair or rehabilitation for use is clearly impractical.
  • Sample

    One or more units selected from the material or process lot and represented as a specimen of quality.
  • Sampling

    A technique used to avoid examination of each item in a population, yet will still be able to determine whether the entire population shall be accepted as complying with the acceptable quality level or stated requirements.



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