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  • S-Corporation

    A corporation taxed as though it were a partnership with restrictions on shareholders. (Business, 2002)
  • SA

  • Safety Stock

    The quantity of material exceeding immediate needs that is held for the purpose of ensuring continuity of supply and guarding against unforeseen shortages. (ISM, 2000)
  • Sales

    The activity of selling a company’s products or services, the income generated by this, or the department that deals with selling. (Business, 2002)
  • Sales Promotion

    Marketing activities, usually short-term, designed to attract attention to a particular product and to increase its sales using advertising and publicity. (Business, 2002)
  • Sales Representative

    A person acting on behalf of a supplier who visits purchasers to discuss requirements. One who sells products and services to buyers. (Business, 2002)
  • Sales Tax

    A levy on a supplier’s sale by an authorized level of government. Governmental entities are generally tax exempt. Sales taxes are regressive because they impose higher taxes on lower incomes. (Schiller, 2000)
  • Sales Territory

    A defined area within which a designated salesperson is responsible for selling a product or service. (Business, 2002)
  • Salvage

    Property having some value in excess of its basic material content or scrap value, but is in such condition as to be no longer usable, and its repair or rehabilitation for use is clearly impractical.
  • Sample

    One or more units selected from the material or process lot and represented as a specimen of quality.