Dictionary of Procurement Terms

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

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  • JIT

  • Job Order Contracting (JOC)

    A maximum dollar value or a fixed-term construction contract resulting from a competitively bid solicitation in which the contractor will perform according to separate job orders issued during the term of the contract. Prices for each job order are based on a unit price book (UPB).
  • Job Rotation

    Movement of employees from one job to another in an effort to relieve the boredom often associated with job specialization as well as to expose employees to other jobs to achieve cross-training and upward mobility opportunities. (Business 2002)
  • Job Shadowing

    A training technique that gives employees the opportunity to learn from more experienced employees by following and observing them in their daily job activities.
  • JOC

  • Joint Administrative Procurement

    An arrangement under which part or all of the purchases of two or more entities are made by a procurement department that serves all of them.
  • Joint Bid Method

    A form of intergovernmental cooperative purchasing in which two or more public procurement entities agree on specifications and contract terms and conditions for a given item of common usage and combine their requirements for these items into a single request for an Invitation for Bids. Once bids have been received and discussed by the participants, each public procurement entity issues and administers its own purchase order or contract.
  • Joint Ownership

    A business or property that is held in the names of two or more entities, individuals, businesses, or organizations, each with equal rights.
  • Joint Procurement Department

    A shared administrative entity created to perform the procurement functions of two or more governmental entities.
  • Joint Use (Agreements)

    Agreements between various government entities that may involve the joint use of public property, such as buildings and equipment.
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