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  • Shortage

    A lack of supply of an item in demand.
  • Show Cause Notice

    A written notice issued to a contractor when termination for default appears to be appropriate or imminent. It provides the contractor with an opportunity to explain why the contract should not be terminated for default. If the contract breach or poor performance is not corrected, the entity may subsequently issue a termination for default.
  • Shrinkage

    Refers to inventory that is lost, stolen, misplaced, or otherwise unaccounted for.
  • SIC Code

  • Simplification Program

    A process used to screen an entity's inventory to determine which items should be consolidated, updated, or no longer maintained in inventory.
  • Single Sampling Plan

    A sampling procedure that uses a single sample size with associated acceptance and rejection criteria.
  • Single Sourcing

    A procurement decision whereby purchases are directed to one source because of standardization, warranty, or other factors, even though other competitive sources may be available.
  • Site Inspection

    isit to the actual location where a contract is to be performed by potential bidders or proposers so they can become familiar with site conditions. May be held in conjunction with a pre-bid or pre-proposal conference.
  • Six Sigma

    A set of management problem-solving techniques aimed at greatly reducing the probability of errors and defects.
  • Skid

    A wood or metal platform fitted with two runners or with legs, upon which material is placed or transported.



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