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  • Earned Value Management

    An integrated management tool that examines cost, progress, and the original project schedule to determine variances from planned profiles. Its purpose is to allow for the prediction, with some degree of certainty, actual cost and schedule at completion of a project, given cost and progress at certain intervals of contract performance.
  • Earnest Money

    Something of value paid as a pledge to bind an agreement or contract, typically money paid by a seller to a buyer.
  • eAuctions

  • eBusiness

  • eCommerce (Electronic Commerce)

  • Economic Growth

    The increase of a country's production of goods and services, compared from one set time period to another.
  • Economic Indicators

    Economic data used to interpret current or future investment opportunities, often for the purpose of judging the overall health of a country's economy.
  • Economic Interregnum

    A gap in economic continuity, the outcome of which cannot be predicted. A discontinuity in the global economy, thereby making future predictions uncertain.
  • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

    An inventory calculation used to determine stock-level reorder point. The calculation is based on costs of acquisition, storage, handling, and inventory investment to determine the most cost-effective time and quantity to reorder.
  • Economically Disadvantaged Individuals

    Those individuals whose ability to compete in the free enterprise system has been impaired due to diminished capital and credit opportunities. (U.S. SBA 2021)