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  • Narrative Evaluations

    A form of performance measurement and feedback that can be used as an alternative or supplement to other evaluation criteria. Narrative evaluations generally consist of several paragraphs of written text about the individual’s performance. This type of evaluation can be very subjective based on the use of words, phrases, and tone of writing style.
  • National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM)

    See Institute for Supply Management (ISM).
  • National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Commodity/Services Code

    A numbering system developed by NIGP to identify goods and services purchased by public purchasing entities; serves as the cornerstone of an automated purchasing function, helps suppliers identify the goods and services to bid, and enables different jurisdictions to share purchasing information.
  • National Institute of Municipal Law Officers (NIMLO) Model Code

    A document prepared by the National Institute of Municipal Law Officers that includes standards against which an entity can compare its procurement laws.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

    A physical science laboratory in the U.S. whose mission is to foster innovation and build confidence in quantitative biology and biomaterial measurements across government and industry in support of the bio-economy. (NIST)
  • National Item Identification Number

    Digits 7 to 13 of a NATO stock number that are non-significant, but sequentially assigned by each National Codification Bureau to a unique item of supply.
  • National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Guide

    A list of all items, in theory, that could possibly be transported by a common carrier. The list of items then has a class associated with each item. The class is determined by storability, density, handling characteristics, and value of the item being shipped. Class (along with distance and weight) is used by the common carrier of the goods to determine the rate of the shipment.
  • NATO Codification System

    A uniform system used as a common method to classify, identify, and designate all items of supply by means of a stock number developed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
  • NATO Standard Item

    An item selected by an officially constituted NATO standardization group, which would, when manufactured in any NATO country, always meet the same performance, application, and quality standards.
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