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  • Shall

    Denotes the imperative in contract clauses or specifications. See also: May.
  • Shared Services

    An intergovernmental agreement for the provision of goods or services that is commonly used by two or more entities. The agreements are commonly created to address economic and logistical needs in an effective and efficient manner. For example, when a municipal town agreement allows multiple towns’ residents access to an emergency medical services (EMS) station that is shared across organizations. See also: Intergovernmental Contract.
  • Shareware

    Software that is initially distributed at no cost to end users, after which a fee may be charge for continued use or support. See also: Freeware.
  • Sharp Practice

    1. An evasion and indirect misrepresentation just short of actual fraud. 2. An unscrupulous practice that focuses on short-term gains and ignores the long-term implications for a business relationship.
  • Shelf Life

    The length of time that an item of supply can be stored under specified environmental conditions and continue to remain suitable for its intended use.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act (U.S. Law)

    The first antitrust law passed in the U.S. in 1890 for the purpose of promoting competitiveness and fairness and to regulate interstate commerce. See also: Price Fixing, Tying Arrangement, Clayton Act (The Clayton Anti-Trust Act).
  • Shipper’s Load and Count

    A shipper's notation on a bill of lading confirming that the contents of a container were counted and loaded by the shipper.
  • Shipping

    The activities performed in preparation of the outgoing shipment of products and material, which may include packaging, marking, weighing, and loading for shipment.
  • Shipping List

    A memorandum that includes all items shipped at one time on a given order.
  • Short List

    Names of candidates that have been narrowed considerably from a longer list of top-ranked or top-scored offerors.



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