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  • Aggregate Supply

    The total supply of all the goods and services in an economy. (OED 2021)
  • Aggregator

    Any supplier that combines like clients, goods, or services into groups for reasons of economy, convenience, etc.
  • Aggrieved Bidder/Proposer/Offeror

    The bidder/proposer/offeror who is may be adversely affected by the award of a contract to another bidder/proposer/offeror and protests or appeals the decision.
  • Agreement

    An understanding between two or more parties in which they state a common understanding and intention regarding past or future intentions or facts, sometimes with a view to altering performance, rights, and obligations. When the additional elements of a contract are satisfied, e.g., mutual obligation (consideration), capacity, definiteness, and legal purpose, contracts may be formed. Then the terms agreements and contracts are sometimes used synonymously. May not be legally enforceable.
  • Agreement Type

    CANADIAN Refers to the agreement under which the opportunity is governed, such as the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), etc.
  • AIA

  • Air Freight

    1. Freight transported by air. 2. The rate charged for air transportation.
  • Air Freight Forwarder

    An indirect air carrier that is responsible for the transportation of property from the point of receipt to the point of destination, and utilizes for the whole or any part of such transportation the services of a direct air carrier or its agent, or of another air freight forwarder. (U.S., FAR, 2005)
  • Air Waybill

    Documented proof between the shipper and the carrier of the contract of carriage.
  • Alien Corporation

    A corporation organized and registered according to the laws of another country but with operations in the domestic country. Contrast with "Foreign Corporation."