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  • Authorization to Release

    Permission per the contract to release requested goods to an entity.
  • Authorized Deviation

    A change or deviation specifically allowed by the contracting entity. See also: Amendment, Change Order, Contract Modification.
  • Automated Data Processing (ADP)

    1. Input, storage, and manipulation of information using computer systems. 2. The discipline that deals with related methods and techniques. Also called Electronic Data Processing.
  • Average

    A number calculated by dividing the sum of a group of numbers by how many numbers are in the group; also known as the mean.
  • Average Fixed Cost (AFC)

    A number calculated by dividing the total fixed cost by the amount of output over a fixed period.
  • Average Total Cost (ATC)

    Calculated by dividing the total fixed and variable costs by the total units produced over a period of time.
  • Award

    1. The final acceptance by an entity of a bid or proposal from an offeror. 2. The presentation of a purchase agreement or contract to a supplier.
  • Award by Group

    A contract award that can be made to multiple suppliers for all items within a specific group. Also known as Class Award.
  • Award Item by Item

    A contract award that may be made to multiple suppliers. Also referred to as Line-Item Award.
  • Award Protest

    A written objection by an unsuccessful offeror to the entity regarding an award decision. See also: Protest, Bid Protest.



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