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  • Price Ceiling

    The mandated maximum amount a seller may charge for a good or service.
  • Price Competition

    Selection of a contractor, from two or more suppliers, based either solely on prices submitted, or on the final prices resulting from a negotiation with all contractors within a competitive range.
  • Price Control

    A government-set maximum or minimum price that a seller can charge for their goods or services.
  • Price Differentiation

    A pricing strategy in which a seller charges different prices to different segments of the market.
  • Price Discrimination

    An illegal selling strategy in which buyers are charged different prices for the same goods or services by a single seller.
  • Price Elasticity

    A measure of the change in demand as a result of a change in price for a specific good or service.
  • Price Fixing

    Illegal, explicit agreements among producers regarding the prices at which goods are to be sold.
  • Price Index

    A ratio expressing the relationship between the price of a commodity at a given point in time to its price during a specified base period.
  • Price Leadership

    The ability of an industryleading supplier to exert enough influence to determine the market price of goods or services.
  • Price Prevailing at the Date of Shipment

    Sales agreement that states the selling price may be modified by the supplier/seller between the order and the shipment dates. See also: Open-End Pricing, Price at Time of Delivery.



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