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  • Point Rating

    An evaluation procedure in which a list of criteria, to which values have been assigned, is used to ascertain the individual merits of proposals that have met the mandatory factors specified in a Request for Proposals (RFP).
  • Point-Click-Buy-Ship

    An eProcurement and eBusiness protocol in which the buyer makes a purchase from a supplier's website by selecting the item and paying for it with a charge card. See also: Click-and-Ship.
  • Policy

    A governing principle or plan that establishes the general parameters for the entity to follow in carrying out its responsibilities.
  • Policy of Insurance

    The formal document delivered by the insurance company to the insured that evidences the rights and duties between the parties.
  • Political Subdivision

    A political entity within a state that has been delegated certain functions of local government. May include counties, cities, towns, villages, hamlets, boroughs, or parishes.
  • POR

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

    Electronic format used to save a file so that it is easy to share and print among various hardware, software, and platforms.
  • POS

  • Post-Award Activity

    Activity after the contract has been awarded that ensures the buyer receives what was ordered on time and at the price and quality specified. This activity may include supplier development, technical assistance, troubleshooting, and the management of the contract and the resulting relationship.
  • Post-Award Start-Up Conference

    A meeting held with the contractor who was awarded the contract prior to the beginning of contract performance. It ensures that the contractor fully understands the expectations, performs accordingly, and can provide the foundation for an effective contract effort. Objectives of the post-award conference are to ensure the contractor understands the technical requirements of the contract; to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties; and to determine the need for follow-up meetings.



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