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  • Procurement System Review

    An audit of the procedures used by an entity to obtain goods, services, or construction.
  • Procurement/Purchasing Card (pCard)

    A payment method used to empower an entity's internal clients to buy directly from suppliers within pre-approved authority levels and spending limits.
  • Procurement/Purchasing Manual

    A document that describes procurement-related rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to be followed by the procurement department and the entity/departments it serves.
  • Procurement/Purchasing Methods

    Methods by which goods, services, or construction may be obtained. Such methods may include blanket orders, emergency purchases, standing offers, purchase orders, transfers, competitive bidding, competitive negotiation, intergovernmental cooperative agreements, small purchase contracts, or purchases via credit card.
  • Producer

    A company, country, or individual that grows, supplies, or makes goods or services for sale.
  • Producers Price Index (PPI)

    A measurement tool, compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that measures the average change in selling prices during a specific time period compared to the prices charged in a base year by domestic producers of goods and services.
  • Product Differentiation

    The process of identifying and communicating the benefits and unique qualities of a specific brand compared to similar, competing brands.
  • Product Launch

    1. The introduction of a new product into a market. 2. The beginning stages of the product life cycle. (Ferrell and Hirt 2002)
  • Product Life Cycle

    A product generally has the following life cycle stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.
  • Production

    1. The making of goods available for use. 2. Total output, especially of a commodity or industry. (Schiller 2000)



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