Dictionary of Procurement Terms

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

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  • Procurement Department

    Office, division, or unit with authority for contracting needed goods, services, or construction for the entity.
  • Procurement Lead Time

    The total lead time required to obtain a good, service, or construction. Includes time taken by entity, supplier, transportation, receiving, and inspection.
  • Procurement Manager

    Public procurement employee with supervisory responsibility and authority to act for the entity in certain areas.
  • Procurement Outsourcing

    The contractual transfer of procurement-related activities to a private contractor or third party.
  • Procurement Policy

    The high-level plan of action selected from a group of alternatives chosen to guide and determine procurement decisions and outline acceptable procedures.
  • Procurement Price

    The amount paid to a contractor for goods, services, or construction.
  • Procurement Procedure

    A description of acceptable procurement activities.
  • Procurement Professional

    Any individual in a procurement department duly authorized to develop, enter into, and administer a contract (e.g., buyer, contract specialist).
  • Procurement Profile

    e result produced after conducting a series of various analyses on the procurement expenditures of an entity regarding the range of goods, services, or construction procured (e.g., spend analysis, market analysis, and the risks inherent in the market that could affect the entity's operations). See also: Market Analysis, Spend Analysis, Supply Positioning.
  • Procurement Records

    Accounts maintained by an entity that sufficiently detail the history of a procurement for potential use for audit purposes. The entity's document retention policies govern and specify how entity procurement records are created and managed.



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