Dictionary of Procurement Terms

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

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  • PERT

  • Physical Distribution

    The collection of activities that involves the movement of goods from the producer to the end user, which includes warehousing, inventory control, and transportation.
  • Piggyback (Piggyback Cooperatives)

    form of intergovernmental cooperative purchasing in which an entity will be given the pricing and terms of a contract entered into by a larger entity. Generally, the larger entity will competitively award a contract that will include language allowing for other entities to use the contract to their advantage in terms of pricing, thereby gaining economies of scale that they normally would not receive if they competed on their own.
  • Piracy

    Illegal copying of a product such as software or music.
  • Planned Obsolescence

    The deliberate design of a good so it will become less efficient, no longer useful, or incompatible within a specific time frame.
  • Planned Order Release (POR)

    The date on which the order must be shipped, or the provision of service started, based on the lead time and planned receipt date for the good or service.
  • Plant-Matter-Based or Bio-Based Product

    A good that is made from renewable resources (e.g., wheat, straw, bamboo, corn, and wood).
  • PM

  • Point of Origin

    The location where a shipment is received by a transportation line from the shipper; the shipping point.
  • Point of Shipment (POS)

    One of many designated Free on Board (F.O.B.) terms that means that a title passes from seller to buyer at seller’s loading dock. Same as F.O.B. Factory, F.O.B. Point of Origin.



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