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  • Export

    Good or service produced in one country and sold to another country.
  • Export Bill of Lading

    Document issued by a carrier that covers the transportation of goods from a domestic point of origin to a foreign destination.
  • Export License

    A government document that identifies what goods may be shipped to another country.
  • Export Permit

    A document issued by the government of the exporting country granting an exporter permission to export the merchandise described in the document.
  • Express Authority

    Authority that is explicitly given in direct language rather than inferred from conduct. See also: Implied Authority, Inherent Authority.
  • Express Contract

    Contracts, either written or oral, in which all of the formal elements for contract creation exist.
  • Express Language Rule

    A rule that states that when there is only one reasonable interpretation, that interpretation shall prevail. This is a secondary rule of determining the intent of the contracting parties during a dispute. The express language in the contract overrules the behavior of the parties prior to the dispute.
  • Express Warranty

    A written description of the responsibilities of a seller in the event that a product is found to be defective or otherwise unsatisfactory. See also: Implied Warranty.
  • Extended Price

    The price for the total number of items ordered, calculated by multiplying the quantity ordered by the unit price.
  • External Procurement Authority

    Any buying organization not located in a state or jurisdiction that, if it were located in the state or jurisdiction, would qualify as a public procurement unit.



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