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  • European Union (EU)

    An association of European countries established in 1992 that acts as one economic unit to establish a common monetary system, eliminate barriers to trade, and promote scientific and technological development.
  • Evaluation

    A process used to assess offers in determining the outcome of a solicitation. For bids and quotes where price is the only factor, evaluation is used to determine the lowest responsive bid from a responsible bidder. For proposals, multiple criteria are used to select the successful proposer based on the highest score received.
  • Evaluation Committee/Team

    A committee established to conduct evaluations of proposals, interviews, and negotiations during the solicitation process for a specific product or service; usually composed of representatives from the functional area identified in the scope of work and may include a procurement professional.
  • Evaluation Criteria

    Used in an RFP when soliciting proposals. A proposer is usually selected based on a combination of price and non-price factors. Examples of evaluation criteria include qualifications and experience, technical approach and methods, schedule, and price.
  • Evaluation Factors

    In competitive negotiations, the factors specified in the Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be considered in determining to whom a contract will be awarded.
  • Evaluation of Bids

    The examination of bids after opening to determine the bidder’s responsibility, responsiveness to requirements, and other aspects of the bid to select the successful bidder.
  • Evergreen Contract

    A contract with automatic renewal clauses that continue unless a notice of termination is issued.
  • Ex Dock

    Situation in which a supplier bears the cost and responsibility for placing goods on a dock at the port of destination; the buyer incurs all costs from that point on.
  • Ex Point of Origin

    In foreign trade, a quotation or offer that does not include cost of exportation (e.g., transportation costs, export permit fees, export duties).
  • Ex Warehouse

    Situation in which a supplier makes a delivery at the port of origin; the buyer incurs all risks and costs from that point on.



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