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  • Dispute

    A contractual disagreement or misunderstanding between contracting parties specific to contract provisions or language.
  • Dispute Panel

    A form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that uses one or more neutral or impartial individuals who are available to the parties as a means to clarify misperceptions, fill in information gaps, or resolve differences over data or facts.
  • Distance Learning

    A method of education in which the instructor and students are physically separated and use various technologies for instruction or communication.
  • Distribution

    1. The movement of goods from the seller to the buyer. 2. The logistical aspects involved in the transfer of goods from manufacturer to end user.
  • Distributor

    An individual or business that buys and sells products from a manufacturer. Generally a wholesaler who may represent various manufacturers and maintains an inventory of material.
  • Diverse Business

    A business with inclusive types of ownership such as woman-owned, veteran-owned, minority-owned, LGBTQ-owned.
  • Diversion

    The act of changing the route or destination of goods in transit from the original destination to a new destination.
  • Diversity (in the workplace)

    The intentional employment of individuals of varying race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
  • Diversity Supplier

    Supplier whose business is majority owned by a member of an historically disadvantaged or physically challenged group that an entity utilizes to help them gain economic representation that is proportional to their representation in the population.
  • Dockage

    A charge for the use of a dock.