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  • Design-Build

    A construction project delivery method that combines architectural and engineering design services with construction performance under one contract.
  • Design-Build-Finance-Operate

    1. An Alternate Project Delivery Method (ADPM) demonstrating a design-build concept whereby the owner and designer/contractor work as a team to ensure that the owner’s requirements are met during design and construction. 2. A complex and innovative approach developed through public-private partnerships in which there is much greater involvement of private financing and that often combines construction and management or operations contracts.
  • Designation of Special Purpose

    A designation that identifies items created by the modification of standard commercial products to meet special needs, such as equipment modified to meet the needs of the physically challenged.
  • Designee

    A duly authorized representative.
  • Destination

    1. The place to which a shipment is consigned. 2. The final delivery point to which a shipment is routed. 3. A delivery point whereby title passes from seller to buyer.
  • Detailed-Item Description Code

    Part II of the NIGP Commodity/Service Code, which expands the class-item code into 11 digits with more than 140,000 item descriptions; used in inventory, warehousing, and cooperative purchasing operations.
  • Determination and Findings

    A legal document prepared by a procurement professional to justify a decision to take a certain action; includes conclusion, or determination, and the reason or findings of fact.
  • Devaluation

    The deliberate downward adjustment in the official value of one nation's currency in relation to other countries' currencies. See also: Currency Devaluation.
  • Differential Exchange Rate

    The mathematical difference of interest rates between two currencies, calculated by subtracting the lowest interest rate from the highest.
  • Digital Signature

    An encrypted electronic signature that mitigates signature fraud.



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