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  • Domestic Corporation

    A corporation formed in the same state, province, or country in which it does business. See also: Foreign Corporation.
  • Door-To-Door

    A shipping method in which goods are picked up at the seller's door and then delivered to the buyer's door.
  • Double Sampling

    The inspection of a second sample when the first sample does not lead to a decision to accept or reject.
  • Downsizing

    The strategic reduction of an entity's or business' labor force by the elimination of employees.
  • Draft

    A written order drawn up by a creditor directing a debtor to pay a sum of money to a third party or to the bearer.
  • Draw Off Order

    The amount of an item to be delivered by the contractor to the end users under a blanket order as authorized or arranged for by the procurement department. May also be referred to as a sub-order release.
  • Drawback

    A refund of money paid (e.g., a refund of customs duties paid on imported material if the material is later exported).
  • Drayage

    A charge for hauling something between various locations by a transportation company.
  • Drop Shipment

    A shipment made directly from a manufacturer or direct provider of goods to a buyer or purchaser in response to a request by the supplier who has received an order but does not carry the merchandise in its inventory.
  • Due Diligence

    The reasonable caution and care performed before finalizing a procurement or taking action in the course of managing an entity business project to demonstrate transparency and mitigate risk.



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