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  • Discrepancy

    1. A deviation between the contract or purchase order and the material or services received or delivered. 2. A variance or difference in identification, condition, or quantity between the supplies or services delivered and the contracting documents.
  • Discretion

    The power or right to act officially in certain circumstances as granted in code or rule to exercise one's freedom of choice or professional judgment.
  • Discretionary Fiscal Spending

    The elements of an entity's budget that are not governed by executive or legislative direction.
  • Discriminatory Price

    A pricing scenario in which identical goods or services, in the same quantities, are offered at different prices to other buyers.
  • Discussion

    Formal or informal communication involving an oral or written exchange of information.
  • Disparagement

    False or malicious accusations regarding the performance or quality of a business' good or service.
  • Disposal

    1. To remove an item of inventory or a capital asset from an organization in accordance with disposal and accounting procedures. 2. The disposition of assets or inventory.
  • Disposal Cost

    All expenses to dispose of unwanted items such as surplus.
  • Disposal Value

    1. The estimated value of excess or surplus property prior to actual disposal. 2. The proceeds obtained from a sale of surplus property.
  • Disposition

    Transferring, trading-in, selling, or destroying goods that are excess property, surplus property, or scrap.