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  • Classification

    For freight, a publication containing a list of items and the classes to which they are assigned for the purpose of applying class freight rates, along with governing rules and regulations.
  • Classification of Defects

    The process of arranging defects in classes or groupings in accordance with a specific system (e.g., by severity of defect, such as major, critical, or minor).
  • Clawback

    Contingent monies or considerations previously disbursed that are returned due to nonperformance of the contract or agreement.
  • Clayton Act (The Clayton Anti-Trust Act) (U.S. Law)

    A 1914 supplement to the Sherman Antitrust Act that regulates general business practices that may be detrimental to fair competition. Some of the business practices regulated by the Clayton Act are price discrimination, exclusive dealing contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and interlocking directorates. See also: Price Fixing, Sherman Antitrust Act.
  • Clean Bill of Lading

  • Clerical Mistake

    A contractor’s mistake in a bid or proposal that results from a clerical error; often referred to as a “minor irregularity.” Such mistakes can usually be corrected within a specified period. Examples include the misplacement of a decimal point or the reversal of prices.
  • Click-and-Ship

    A sales operation in which customers order products online and the product is shipped directly to the customer Ordering products online can facilitate Just-in- Time procurement. May be referred to as “Point-Click-Buy-Ship.”
  • Client

    Individual, department, or entity with whom procurement professionals consult and collaborate to procure a desired or required good or service. The client may also be the end user.
  • Client Agency

    The name and address of the entity on whose behalf the bid request has been submitted.
  • Client Entity

    The name and address of the entity on whose behalf the solicitation is being issued.



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