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  • CIPS

  • CISG

  • CITT

  • Civil Law

    A reference to the body of law that affects relationships among individuals.
  • Claim

    A written assertion or demand—by one of the parties to a contract—that seeks, as a contractual right, payment of money, adjustment of contract terms, or other relief for injury, loss, or damage arising under or relating to a contract.
  • Clarification

    A communication with a proposer for the sole purpose of eliminating minor irregularities or apparent clerical mistakes in a proposal. A clarification may be initiated by either the proposer or purchaser and does not give the proposer an opportunity to revise or modify its proposal, except to the extent that the correction of the apparent clerical mistakes results in revision.
  • Class Award

  • Class Code Number

    The number that identifies a property class that covers relatively homogeneous commodities that are grouped together with respect to their similarity of physical or performance characteristics. The commodities may also be grouped if they are commonly requisitioned, stored, and issued together.
  • Class Rate

    The transportation charge applicable to groups of similar commodities shipped by common carrier if no specific commodity rate or exception has been established. See also: National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Guide, Uniform Freight Classification, Commodity Rate.
  • Class-Item Code

    Part 1 of the NIGP Commodity/Service Code consisting of five digits and containing more than 6,000 item descriptions; used to facilitate the open market aspects of the purchasing function.



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