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NIGP Forum Virtual
Call for Presentations

Give back, make an impact

NIGP, the largest association dedicated solely to public procurement professionals, invites you to submit your presentation for our all-virtual experience this August.  Be a part of the most diverse and comprehensive event attended by professionals from across the field.

Please use the resources below to help you prepare the best proposal possible. 

About the 2021 Call for Proposals 

NIGP Forum 2021 virtual is the opportunity for the public procurement community to reconvene and reconnect after an extremely busy year for the industry.  We discuss our shared responsibility to each other, share best practices, and design new ways to engage our procurement community in building new bridges and responding to the needs of the next generation.  As we plan for a sustainable future in the public procurement industry, we “dream big,” write a new story together, imagine new possibilities, and advocate for change.  We build on our diversity, resilience and interdependence, set the stage to be creative and imaginative, and shine a special focus on the strategic value of public procurement.

The Content Management Committee invites you to submit a proposal for the NIGP Forum 2021 virtual experience.  Session proposals can be submitted for 60-minute presentations.  NIGP and the Content Management Committee welcomes proposals that highlight:

  • Access, diversity, and inclusion in public procurement and the communities we serve.

  • Sustainability of public procurement during and in recovery from times of crisis 

  • Ways to navigate legalities, risk, and ethical challenges around public procurement, 

  • Best practices in measuring outcomes and impact 

  • Mental health and self-care in the public procurement field-how are we taking care of ourselves, our staff, our communities 

  • Public procurement leadership in the next decade in response to changing demographic, technological, and economic trends 

  • National and local advocacy for a shared responsibility and dialogue 

  • Introductory and deep dive discussions around construction procurement methods—and the benefits and challenges that come with each 

  • Targeted dialogue on the nature, role, and functionality of cooperatives within the procurement function, underscoring the legal nuances, availability, and applicability of cooperatives in support of smarter procurement operations, to name a few 

We will consider proposals from the potential content areas detailed below and will have 7 tracks for the NIGP Forum 2021 virtual experience.

Proposal Submission Instructions

  • We are accepting presentation proposals for NIGP Forum virtual ONLY.
  • Submit your proposal application through this webpage only.
  • Ensure your proposal application is filled out completely with all requested information.
  • Incomplete Proposal applications will not be considered.

Submit your Proposal

Presentation Submission are for NIGP Forum virtual only.  We are not conducting a Call for Presentations for NIGP Forum Leadership Summit.

Key Dates

Deadline to submit completed proposals:
April 23

Final Notifications
May 2021

Presentation Requirements:

  • No sales pitch for products or services will be considered.
  • Total session length is one hour (1 hour).
  • By submitting a presentation proposal, you agree that you are responsible for content development and delivery from start to finish.

Presenter Responsibilities:

  • Presenters are required to attend NIGP speaker trainings as part of their participation in the NIGP Forum virtual experience.
  • Presenters may be requested to pre-record their presentations for NIGP Forum virtual.
  • Presenters are required to provide NIGP with a copy of their presentation for posting on the NIGP website and virtual conference platform.
  • Presenters must follow NIGP’s content creation and virtual presentation guidelines when creating their sessions and accompanying presentations.
  • NIGP may contact speakers with similar topic submissions and ask them to participate in a collaborative panel session.


  • Will NIGP pay honoraria or other costs of a presenter?

    No. Presenters registering during the early bird registration period will receive the best available rates. If a presenter elects to register during the Early Bird period, total registration fees can be reduced by as much as $48.00. Conference registration fees are the responsibility of the presenter.

  • Can one person submit more than one topic?

    Yes. The Call for Presentations is a competitive process. Presenters can submit up to five topics; however, a separate form must be completed for each submission.

  • How does one submit a presentation proposal?

    Responses must be submitted electronically. Completion of the Call for Presentations application is required.

  • When will the committee decide if a topic has been selected?

    All respondents will be notified by May 2021.

  • Can a presentation include product endorsements?

    No.  NIGP prohibits presenters, suppliers or practitioners, from promoting any product or service within an educational workshop. 

  • Responsibilities

    All presenters are required to submit their final presentation to NIGP prior to the conference for publication on the NIGP website. All materials, along with any handouts, are requested by attendees who want to reference presentations prior, during and after the conference. 

  • Do I have to register and attend the entire Forum?

    If your proposal is accepted you are making a commitment to deliver the presentation on the day and time assigned to you.  Presenters wishing to participate in the entire Forum must register as an attendee and pay a registration fee.  Presenters who opt to not participate, other than to present their session, will not have access to other Forum related events, including other educational sessions.  Registration is exclusive of personal expenses and special events.

  • How do I register for Forum?

    Registration forms are available online and in print and fax format.


Contact Laura Shelters, Director, Content Research & Development at