Dictionary of Procurement Terms

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

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  • Informality/Irregularity

    Defect or minor noncompliance in a bid that is merely a matter of form and not of substance. May also pertain to some immaterial or inconsequential defect or variation from the exact requirement of the Invitation for Bids. A defect that does not affect price, quantity, quality, or delivery, or the correction or waiver of such defect would not be prejudicial to other bidders.
  • Information Technology (IT)

    The use of computers or telecommunications to transmit, manipulate, store, or retrieve information or data.
  • Infrastructure

    The basic organizational and physical facilities and structures for the operation of an entity or business.
  • Inherent Authority

    Authority based on an entity’s sovereignty to enter into contracts, although not explicitly authorized. See also: Express Authority.
  • Inherently Governmental Function

    A nebulous term that has been defined as a governmental function or service which is so intimately related to the public interest as to mandate performance by government employees. This function includes those activities that require either the exercise of discretion in applying governmental authority or the making of value judgments in making decisions for the government.
  • Initial Training

    A method of training typically provided to new employees to familiarize them with a body of knowledge, including entity policies and procedures, that they will be required to understand to perform the duties of their position.
  • Insolvency

    The inability to pay debts when they are due.
  • Insourcing

    Moving an outsourced business operation in house. See also: Outsourcing, Contracting Out.
  • Inspection

    1. Examining and testing supplies or services to determine whether they conform to contract requirements. 2. Comparing the materials and services received to those specifications. The buyer’s legal right to inspect goods is stated in the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.), Section 2-513(1).
  • Inspection Level

    The size and quantity of the samples to be inspected.



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