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  • Internet

    An electronic network that connects computer facilities and computer networks worldwide through standardized communication protocols.
  • Internet Merchant

    Specific to e-commerce, a businessperson or entity that sells a product or service over the internet.
  • Intersector Efficiency

    A method of analysis that determines whether the cost of government activity yields more benefits to society than if it remained in the private sector.
  • Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act of 1995

    This law eliminated the ICC; in its place, the Surface Transportation Board was established within the Department of Transportation to take over ICC functions.
  • Intra-Program Efficiency

    A method to determine the most efficient service delivery option— when several delivery options exist—to support a successful program. This analysis is done by using the measures of cost and anticipated benefits for the competing service delivery options used to support the program which service delivery alternative (or combination thereof) will provide the maximum net benefits. Funds (budget) may then be allocated appropriately to the alternative(s) that best support the success of the program.
  • Intranet

    A private communications network designed for internal use.
  • Intrapreneur

    An employee who is assigned to work on an internal project or idea and is given the freedom and time to promote innovation in the process.
  • Inventory

    All goods or list of goods held in stock, the contents of a building(s), and property.
  • Inventory (Holding Cost)

    The fees incurred for the storing of goods held in stock.
  • Inventory (Supplier Managed)

    An inventory management practice in which a supplier is contracted to manage and control the entity's inventory.



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