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  • Capital Lease

    CANADA A lease that transfers all the substantial benefits and risks incident to ownership of property to the lessee.
  • Capital Project Funds

    Monies used to acquire major assets with a useful life of more than one year that may be financed by some form of long-term debt.
  • Cardinal Change

    A change that is beyond the scope of the contract, and thus cannot be ordered by the contracting officer under the contract’s change clause.
  • Cardinal Rule

    To give plain meaning to contract terms unless the entity or legislation has assigned a special meaning to the term.
  • Cargo

    Goods conveyed in a vehicle, ship, train, or aircraft.
  • Carload

    1. The minimum weight, as defined by law, of a shipment entitled to a reduced freight rate. 2. The shipment amount that fills a freight car (or truck). 3. A load that fills the maximum capacity of a transporting unit.
  • Carrier

    A company that transports goods or people, usually over a fixed route and on a fixed schedule. See also: Common Carrier.
  • Carrier’s Lien

    A carrier’s claim on assets pending collection of freight cost or other charges.
  • Carrying Cost

    All costs associated with holding goods in stock (e.g., direct and indirect administrative costs, opportunity costs, damage, obsolescence, insurance, taxes). See also: Procurement Cost.
  • Cartage

    1. The act of carting or transporting, generally used to identify the local delivery of goods received from a carrier. 2. The cost of such transportation.



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