Dictionary of Procurement Terms

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

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  • Stores Accounting

    The act of recording the details of stock movements and balances in value.
  • Stores Management

    To provide for the efficient storage and handling of goods to be redistributed to the requisitioner, end user, or client department.
  • Straight Bill of Lading

    A contract document that provides for direct shipment to a consignee.
  • Strategic Alliance (SA)

    An arrangement between two or more parties to work together on a mutually beneficial project with each party retaining its own autonomy.
  • Strategic Plan

    A comprehensive document that clearly states an entity's mission, vision, values, goals, and desired outcomes for the next 3-5 years, and the resources and actions needed to achieve them. See also: Tactical Planning.
  • Strategic Procurement Planning (SP2)

    The transformation of an entity’s mission, goals, and objectives into measurable activities to be used to plan, budget, and manage the procurement function within that entity. The ultimate goal is to effectuate positive change in organizational culture, systems, and operational processes.
  • Strategic Sourcing

    A systematic, continuous improvement process that directs supply managers to assess, plan, manage, and develop a supply base in line with an entity’s stated objectives. This involves the constant re-evaluation of purchasing activities to ensure a supplier's alignment with an entity's long-term goals.
  • Strategies

    Methods to achieve specific goals and carry out objectives. All strategies must be sensitive to financial and other resource allocation decisions.
  • Straw Man

    The first offer received in a competitive negotiation to get the negotiations moving forward. It is generally of little merit, but intended to encourage more purposeful negotiation.
  • Straw Vote

    An RFP evaluation technique whereby an evaluation team takes an informal vote of no consequence to gauge the feeling of the group toward a proposal or group of proposals. Used to informally determine the predisposition of the group.



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