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  • Renegotiation

    Deliberation, discussion, or conference to change or amend the terms of an existing contract.
  • Rent

    Payment for the use of a good or property during a defined time period.
  • Replenishment Inventory Control System

    A system that relies on estimated usage rates and lead time to schedule orders for delivery to maintain supply chain efficiency and avoid stock outages.
  • Replevin

    A provisional or final judicial order allowing a rightful owner to reclaim property that has been taken by the other party to a dispute.
  • Report of Partial Shipment

    Report showing the items received from a supplier when an order is incomplete or has items backordered.
  • Repudiation

    1. Rejection on the grounds of being unauthorized or having no binding force. 2. Disputing the validity of a contract and refusing to honor its terms.
  • Request for Comments (RFC)

    A document generated prior to an authorized procurement in order to request feedback from the contracting community or potential proposers/bidders; to seek information about a product or service in order to assist in the finalization of technical specifications, design specifications, or a statement of work. See Also: Pre-Solicitation Conference, Request for Information (RFI)
  • Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA)

    Changes to a contract may require additional work and expense on behalf of a contractor. Change work, either directed by formal contract modification or through constructive change, entitles the contractor to seek an equitable adjustment. The contractor must prove that it is entitled to an equitable adjustment. The contract must contain language specifying the conditions under which an REA will be considered.
  • Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

    A document issued by the buyer during the very early stages of the procurement planning process to provide potential suppliers with an avenue to register their interest in being involved in a particular project or performing a particular job. An EOI may also be used to seek industry input into scope of work requirements that will then become part of a formal solicitation, or to find other contractors who could provide the goods or services. See also: Request for Information (RFI).
  • Request for Information (RFI)

    A non-binding method whereby a jurisdiction publishes via newspaper, internet, or direct mail its need for input from interested parties for an upcoming solicitation. See also: Pre-Solicitation Conference, Request for Comments (RFC).



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