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  • Reciprocity

    1. The mutual, reciprocal, or cooperative interchange of sales or favors by businesses, illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act. 2. When jurisdictions agree to give full recognition to a license or credential conferred by another jurisdiction.
  • Recommended By

    CANADIAN An authorized officer’s signature (within a department).
  • Reconsignment

    1. A privilege extended to shippers allowing goods to be forwarded to a point other than the original destination without removal from the carrier and at the through rate from initial point to that of final delivery. 2. A change, as in consignee, destination, or route, in the original billing of goods in transit.
  • Records Retention Schedule

    An entity’s established timetable for maintenance and destruction of purchasing records, based on administrative, historical, and legal requirements.
  • Recycled Material

    Material, good, or product that contains recyclable items that are used in manufacturing a new product.
  • Recycled Material Content

    The portion of a product made with recycled materials consisting of pre-consumer materials (waste), post-consumer materials (waste), or both.
  • Redistribution

    The transfer of control, utilization, or location of material among organizations or activities.
  • Reduced Inspection

    Inspection under a sampling plan using the same quality levels for normal inspection but requiring a smaller sample.
  • Reference

    A component of due diligence to determine the capability and capacity of performing contractual requirements, whereby previous customers are contacted concerning the potential contractor's skills, qualifications, and capabilities.
  • Reference Group

    A presumably ideal group to which buyers compare and judge themselves and their behavior, use as a standard, or seek to imitate.



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