Dictionary of Procurement Terms

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

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    An automatic mailing list server targeting a specified group. When email is addressed to a LISTSERV mailing list, it automatically broadcasts to everyone on the list.
  • Litigation

    e party to a contract bringing suit against the other party in a court of law. See also: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • Living Wage

    A theoretical income wage that will allow a worker, or a worker and their family, to afford basic necessities (e.g., food and shelter).
  • Local Preference

    See Tie Bid Preference, Buy Local, Preference.
  • Local Public Procurement Unit

    Any county, city, town, school district, special authority, or any other subdivision of the state, or public entity of any such subdivision, or educational, health, or other institution spending public funds for the procurement of services, supplies, or construction.
  • LOE

  • Logic Model (Systems approach)

    A visual representation that represents the shared relationships among outputs, outcomes, activities, resources, and impact for a program.
  • Logistics

    The process of planning, moving, routing, distributing, transporting, and coordinating activities that apply to the delivery of goods or service performance.
  • Logistics Management

    The discipline responsible for the movement, routing, distribution, transportation, and coordination activities that apply to goods delivery or service performance.
  • LOI

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