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  • Constructive Suspension

    An action in which an entity is responsible for a work stoppage without a contract suspension.
  • Suspension

    1. Prohibiting a supplier from submitting bids and proposals for a definite or indefinite period of time. 2. A temporary determination to exclude a supplier from obtaining any contracts for a period of time, usually before initiating debarment. Reasons for this action may include poor performance, late deliveries, violations of previous contract terms, etc. See also: Debarment.
  • Suspension of Work Clause

    A contract provision that allows an agency to suspend, interrupt, or delay work for the agency’s convenience. A contractor is not entitled to compensation if the delay is the contractor’s fault. A contractor may be compensated only if the resultant delay is considered unreasonable.
  • Suspension Order

    An action in which the entity orders work to cease in accordance with a suspension of work clause contained in the contract.



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