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  • Bilateral Modification (of a Contract)

    A change that requires the written approval of both parties to a contract in signatory form. Bilateral modification is often related to some alteration of one or more substantive terms of the contract. See also: Unilateral Modification (of a Contract).
  • Contract Modification

    Any written alteration in specifications, delivery point, frequency of delivery, period of performance, price, quantity, or other provisions of the contract, accomplished by mutual agreement of the parties to the contract. See also: Amendment, Authorized Deviation, Change Order, Contract Amendment.
  • Modification

    Any written alteration to a provision of any contract accomplished by mutual agreement of the parties to the contract. See Also: Change Order.
  • Unilateral Modification (of a Contract)

    The right of one party to a contract to change the contract pursuant to the change clause of a contract. A unilateral modification may occur for two reasons: 1) The right to unilaterally modify the contract has been given to the public agency in the contract itself, or 2) The modification is for a minor purpose. See also: Bilateral Modification (of a Contract).



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