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  • Contract Administration

    The functions that are performed after all parties have signed a contract. Typical contract administration activities are goal-oriented and are aimed at ensuring compliance with the contract terms and conditions while giving attention to the achievement of the stated output and outcome of the contract. See also: Contract Management, Surveillance.
  • Contract Administration Plan (CAP)

    A planning tool that provides the framework for effective contract administration with an emphasis on process, output, and outcome. The length and detail of the CAP depends on the complexity and potential risk of the contract. Also referred to as Contract Acquisition Plan.
  • Contract Administration Team

    A cross-functional team comprised of such members as the procurement professional (or their representative), subject matter experts, information technology and engineering representatives, legal advisers, price and cost analysts, quality assurance specialists, and others who offer their expertise to ensure both parties comply with the terms of the contract or assist in resolving conflicts that arise during the contract performance.



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