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  • Non-Conformance

    The failure of material or services to meet specified requirements for any characteristic or requirement.
  • Non-Durable

    Consumer good only expected to last less than three years. (Schiller 2000)
  • Non-Expendable (Item or Supply)

    Supply that is not consumed during use or that does not lose its identity during use.
  • Non-Responsible (Bid)

    1. A contractor, business entity, or individual that responds to a solicitation but does not have the ability or capability to fully perform the solicitation’s requirements. 2. A business entity or individual who does not possess the integrity and reliability to assure contractual performance.
  • Non-Responsive (Bid)

    A response to a solicitation that does not conform to the mandatory or essential requirements contained in the solicitation.
  • Non-Waiver Agreement

    A written agreement signed by the parties to the agreement that they understand the agreement in its entirety, and nothing shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of the agreement.
  • Nonprofessional Service

    Any service not specifically identified as a professional service. See also: Professional Service.
  • Nonrecurring Cost

    An expense that occurs on a one-time basis, usually at the beginning of a contract, and is unlikely to occur again (e.g., design costs, capital expenditures, retooling costs).
  • Norm

    Informal, unwritten, unspoken rules that regulate and govern group behavior. See also: Ethics.
  • Normal Inspection

    Type of examination used when there is no statistically significant evidence that the quality of the product being submitted is better or worse than the specified quality level.
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