Chapter Succession and Board Transition

Succession planning is a systematic effort and process of identifying and developing candidates for key chapter leadership positions in order to ensure the continuity of the chapter. Succession planning is critical to mission success and if successfully done, it creates a process for recognizing, developing, and retaining top leadership talent within your chapter.

Succession planning is accomplished by identifying individuals with high leadership potential and by ensuring that they are given the necessary experience and training to prepare them to assume higher-level leadership positions in the future. When accomplished, succession planning enables chapters to:

  • Build a leadership pipeline/talent pool to ensure leadership continuity
  • Develop potential successors in ways that best fit strengths
  • Identify the best candidates for positions
  • Define competency requirements along with strategies to develop both existing and new volunteer leaders to meet these needs
  • Identify and transfer key knowledge and information that might otherwise be lost
  • Ensure that the chapter’s current mission and vision are carried forward by future leaders

Succession Planning Toolkit

Helps develop a plan to assure there are qualified individuals to replace key individuals when their term is completed.

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What is Succession Planning?

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